Daily Outfit – Perfect Day for a dress

Here in Florida, we really don’t get authentic “seasons”. However, with a slight breeze today, and temperatures in the 70s, it felt kind of like fall. Thus, it was the perfect day for a fall colored dress.

Dress: Homemade (fabric from Joanns)
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: thrift store
Bag: Consignment shop

I made this dress a few years ago. I started with a halter top pattern, and then extended it to become an a-line dress. I was worried that this outfit was a bit mono-chromatic, having so much burgundy, so I added the pink bracelet, white earrings and brown bag to spice things up (I thought about wearing some white wedges with it, but I had to walk a lot today, so flat shoes worked better).

This outfit proves that homemade and thrifted purchases can make an awesome outfit. The shoes are the most expensive part of the outfit, and they were no more than $50. I really need to sew more dresses.


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3 Responses to Daily Outfit – Perfect Day for a dress

  1. Andrea says:

    What a gorgeous colour! It looks lovely on you.


  2. E says:

    Hey, um… Will you move to Minnesota and just make all of my clothes for me, please?

    GORGEOUS! You, the dress, and the dress on you!


  3. kittyscreations says:

    Ah, if I could do nothing but sew clothes all day, it would rock. And in Minnesota I could actually get to see snow and wear things that I knit more than five days out of the year.


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