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I had an amazing time last weekend in New York City.  I could completely see myself living there (if I found an amazingly high-paid library job, but one can dream).  I love how convinient  and close everything is.  I love being able to walk or take the subway to any destination in Manhattan.  And what really surprised me was how safe I felt everywhere I went.  I live in a reasonably middle-class neighborhood, yet I feel nervous walking around after dark.  In New York, I felt relatively safe almost all of the time.

I’ll try not to overload you with too many pictures, but it was so amazing.

The first night we went out to eat for my boyfriend’s birthday.  We went to this amazing Korean BBQ restaurant, Kum Gang San.  It was some of the best Korean food I’ve ever had, and they had live jazz music on this crazy rock outcropping (look at their website to see what I mean).

Day 2 was lots of exploring.  I love how the weather in New York allowed me to experiment with layers, as well as use my handknits.

day-2-outfitHat – handknit by me
Scarf – handknit by me
Long Sleeve -Issac Mizrahi
Shirt – Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans – Lucky Brand
Coat – Target
Purse – Morelle
Shoes – Born Codders

We went out for brunch at this delicious Ukranian restaurant, Veselka.  I had mushroom & barley soup and ham & swiss pierogies. Yum!


We walked around the East Village after that.  This was the area we were staying in, so it was nice to get our bearings.



The main focus of this journey was visitng the Joe Strummer mural at Thompkins Square Park.


Then we ventured into the Bowery to look for the site of CBGB’s (we found it a few days later.  It’s now a high-end punk rock inspired vintage store.)  There I got to see a Keith Haring mural.


After that we took our first venture into Chinatown and Little Italy (we returned there again on our last day).  I bought a pretty yellow scarf, a mah-jong bracelet, and a boba tea.


On day 3, we ate brunch at the Cafe Colonial, which was delicious, although pricey.  Then we went to Pearl River which was an interesting store, although some items seemed over-priced there.  They had beautiful Asian silk fabric for sale in their home department (alas, I didn’t buy any).

After that, we ventured into Chelsea to visit another punk rock monument, the Chelsea Hotel.  We also happend upon a street flea market there, where I bought a vintage Italian grey leather bag (pics coming soon),


Day 4 was fully consumed with the New York Marathon, which my boyfriend’s brother was running in.  This was also the coldest day, so I learned the value of wrapping a scarf multiple times around your neck.

Day 5 was our last full day, so we went all over the place.  We started out the day by visitng the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) which was amazing, albeit crowded.  After that, we grabbed some lunch and took a brief walk in Central Park.  It was amazing to see all the fall colors that never happen down here in Florida.


The we took a subway to Union Square and walked through the Bowery, Little Italy and Chinatown, all the way to the projects by the East River.  My boyfriend remembered visiting a bar there the last time he went, and we finally found it as the sun was setting:  The Paris Cafe (near where the fish market used to be).  It was such an amazing day of exploring.



The next day we flew back and came home to watch the election returns come in (not to be too political, but I am ecstatic about our new president).

This was such an amazing trip.  It definitely showed my that I cannot have a rural lifestyle – I love cities.  Tampa is okay for now, but one day, I would love to live in a big city that actually has public transportation that works.


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  1. kv says:

    thatnks for the memories!!! all the hotspots of my new york youth….sadly, most of them gone.


  2. Andrea says:

    I love that photo of you in front of the apartment window – you look so beautiful!

    And I’m the same, I couldn’t live somewhere rural. Cities all the way, baby. 🙂


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