Daily Outfit – Layers make blah days feel better

Since last Thursday, I have been sick with what seems to be an upper respiratory infection (viral, so I just have to ride it out).  I’ve noticed that when sick, my first instinct is to wear jeans, comfy shoes and a hoodie and just curl up wherever I am.  However, that look can often get sloppy.  This time, I decided to try to find a balance between comfy and stylish.  The temperature has been moderate (60’s – 70’s most days), so that had to be taken into account.  I found that by taking some care in my appearance while sick, it actually made me feel a bit better.  Here’s two outfits I came up with.  The first is more casual (and it was a bit chilly that day).  The second is more work smart.


Casual Layers


Long sleeve – Target
T-shirt – Target
Jeans – Lucky Brand
Scarf – Clapotis (handknit by me)
Shoes – Aldo
Purse – Morelle (etsy) 

This was a day when I wanted to be comfy and warm but still look cute.  There seems to be something about keeping your neck warm while sick that makes you feel better.


Work Layers


2008-11-12-at-18-19-51-3Red blouse – Ann Taylor
Black 3/4 sleeve – Apt 9 (via Kohls)
Jeans – Express Stella Bootcut
Belt – Target
Shoes – Clarks
Purse – Morelle (etsy)
Beret – handknit by me 
Bracelet – crazy4jewels (etsy) 

I loved how comfy and professional this outfit was.  It’s perfect for the office where I work, because it’s always chilly in there.  The Clarks shoes add a professional pizzaz with the heel, but are still very comfortable.  To see how the outfit looked without the beret, check out my flickr.

For the rest of my day (and next few days) I will be coughing my head off, trying to get well, and trying to finish up the last few major projects of the semester. I’m so ready for school to be done so I can enter the world of full-time work.


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3 Responses to Daily Outfit – Layers make blah days feel better

  1. Sal says:

    Feel better, beautiful! And you’re right: Keep that neck covered with your beautiful hand-knits. It’ll help you heal, I swear.


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  3. Era says:

    I love the colors and shoes! I like so mucho your no matchy-matchy style, i’ts really my taste.


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