Daily Outfit: Keeping warm and colorful

When the weather started to turn cold, I began to realize just how much of my cold weather wardrobe is black.  This can lead to very gloomy days, so I have been intentionally trying to add more color to my outfits while still not freezing.


Scarf – Clapotis knit by me
Pink blouse – Target
Sweater – Kohls
Jeans – Express
Shoes – Clarks Marillas
Purse – thrifted

I’ve also got a long sleeved layering tee under here that you can’t see.  I like throwing pretty, feminine colors together, like the pink of this blouse with the lavendar scarf.  Lovely colors make for warm, happy days.

And a few random thoughts on my new blog name.  I was hoping to change my blog’s url, only to discover that there is already a simpleelegance.wordpress.com.  However, the owner of this blog only posted one post, a year ago, and seems to have completely forgotten about their blog.  Would it be totally rude for me to e-mail them and ask them to delete their blog so I can get the url?  Is that the ultra blogging faux pas?

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3 Responses to Daily Outfit: Keeping warm and colorful

  1. Sal says:

    Love that dotty blouse under the deep v. And I’d go ahead and e-mail the blog owner. A year is a looooong time.


  2. Jen says:

    I’ve slowly slowly started weeding out all the black in my wardrobe, getting there…


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