Daily Outfit: Comfy Cashmere

Sorry for the unoriginal title (that I think I might have used before?).  The first week of the new semester is majoring kicking my butt, making it hard for my brain to function with anything that doesn’t relate to the Dewey Decimal System (actually, none of my classes have to do with Dewey this semester.  Just thought I’d throw a library school joke out there).

Anyhow, despite my frustrations with my hair,  I think that this outfit came together nicely.



Blouse: Target (via Revolve)
Cashmere Cardigan: DKNY (via Revolve)
Editor Pants: Express
Purse: Morelle City Bag
Shoes: Clarks Marillas
Brooch: Vintage (via 5gardenias)

I must say, whenever you see a 100% cashmere cardigan for only $20, buy it immediately.  It’s amazing how comfy this cardi is.  It’s soft, it keeps me warm, but not unbearably hot.  It has a touch of color so my outfits don’t look boring.  I love it.

The brooch was a recent vintage purchase on Etsy,  and it’s also my first brooch ever.  I like how it’s small and simple, but can still add some pizzazz to an outfit.


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  1. E says:

    Oh my, that color is divine on you!


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