Daily Outfit: Making brown work

In the past, brown was one of my favorite colors to wear.  Essentially all my shoes were brown and I had plenty of brown t-shirts, sweaters and jackets.  Lately, though, I’ve noticed a shift to black as my favorite neutral.  This has led me to neglect some of the brown items in my closet.  So today, I decided to make my brown slacks work.  I combined them with a turquoise sweater, lavender accents and some navy.  The shoes are still black, and another color might have worked better, but my only other option at this time is red, and I don’t think red and brown combine well on me.  I think the outfit turned out nicely.





Scarf: Clapotis handknit by me
Sweater: Target
Brooch: Vintage via 5gardenias
Purse: re-con sewn be me
Pants: Worthington
Shoes: Aldo


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