What I wish I had this winter


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Okay, let me preface this post by saying that I understand many of my fellow bloggers have to deal with temperatures in the negatives during their winters.  In Florida, we are lucky to get half a month’s worth of days where the temps dip below the 50’s spread throughout the months of December to February.  The past few days have been like that.  And while we have so few days that are cold, it’s still important to have some type of winter wardrobe so that we’re neither a) shivering all day in flip flops or b) look like an snowman bundled up in too many clothes (or c, wearing black constantly and looking dull and morose).

Anyhow, this Florida winter has revealed to me that my wardrobe is seriously ill-prepared for temps below 50.  There’s a lot of essential pieces I’m lacking.  So here’s my list of things I want to buy (or make) before next winter:

  • Pullovers in a variety of colors – You would think that, being a knitter for 6 years now, I would have a ton of cozy pullovers.  But alas, I have none.  There are a few cardigans, but only one that I really like to wear.  I’ve only got three store-bought pullovers, (the third is a black version of the grey one) and they are all acrylic, which means lots of static and not a lot of warmth.  So, I plan to be knitting some merino and cashmere pullovers over the next year.
  • Knee high leather boots- I’ve never owned a pair, yet they seem so essential.  Especially today, when my feet are freezing in my lovely but ill-equipped Marillas.  I’m hoping to snag a pair during some end-of-season sales.
  • Merino sweater tights – maybe this is going overboard, but they sound so cozy and warm.
  • Knee high socks – to accompany boots
  • Layering essentials – I only have a couple long sleeve layering tees, so I plan to snatch a few in a variety of colors from American Apparel (when they go on sale).
  • Hats, scarves and fingerless mitts – I have a pretty decent selection right now, but these are all super fun to knit, and I think I can never have too many scarves
  • Wool skirts – for really cold days
  • Neutral coat – I have a red coat from Target that I absolutely love, but it doesn’t go with everything.  A neutral colored coat (either camel or grey) would solve this problem.  In wool would make it even better for extra cold days.
  • A leather jacket – Because they look so cool while keeping you warm.

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  1. Sal says:

    Can’t wait to see which boots you choose.


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