Staying on target (or not)


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Well, I’m just about one month into my resolution budget, and I’m already learning some things.  One is that, to stay on target, it’s good to plan ahead.  I found myself buying Starbucks coffee too many times, simply because I hadn’t either a) taken the time to fix coffee at home or b) bought honey so I could drink tea at my office.  Planning what food I bring to work is important as well, because eating out for lunch adds up quickly.  I also decided that I need to add a bit more to the budgeted amount for groceries.  This amount will be taken away from the non-essentials area.  While I do want to save money,  I also want to eat well and take care of my health.

Also, I did go over my non-essentials amount for this month.  However, I don’t regret it, because the reason I went over is that I finally purchased my beloved Fluevog Malibrans when they went on sale for $200!  I’ve been thinking about these shoes constantly since I tried them on in New York back in October.  I’ve been debating if I could justify the cost when money is already tight.  But these are my magic shoes, my ruby slippers.  They felt fantastic on.   I’ve been planning  outfits that they would make awesome.  And they’re comfortable.  Also, I feel that it’s really important to buy quality, especially when it comes to shoes.  So, I don’t regret the fact that they made me go over budget this month.

What I do regret is that, after buying the Malibrans and knowing I had already reached my budget point for the month, I continued to spend.  Not just a bit, but a hundred dollars more!  And I kept finding myself justifying small purchases, intentionally neglecting to log them on my spreadsheet.  This has revealed to me that I still have some spending habits I need to work on.

To make up for going over this month, I’m taking a hundred dollars out of next month’s non-necessity budget.  I’m really going to have to control how much I buy to do this, but I think that it will be good for me.  February is also my birthday month (on the 25th) so I can satisfy some of my “new stuff” desires with birthday presents.

Budgeting is not easy, but I know that it will save me from so much stress in the long run 🙂


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7 Responses to Staying on target (or not)

  1. Anusha says:

    I’m having a hard time with the budgeting too … there are so many cute things out there!

    One thing I’ve been forcing myself to do is cook instead of getting food from outside, and if I do eat out just to do that once a week. I’m spending all my free time cooking, but it’s surprisingly worth it. Saves me quite a bit of money.

    But it takes sooo much time. Sigh.


  2. sounds very familiar! love those shoes- they rock- what color did you buy?


  3. Sal says:

    I totally feel ya – once you’ve broken your agreement with yourself, it’s so easy to just keep going. You might want to consider forgiving yourself and starting over instead of penalizing next month … you might start a cycle of cheating if you pull that belt too tight.


  4. kittyscreations says:

    I got the Malibrans in yellow. I might eventually get a grey pair too.


  5. Jen says:

    i don’t quite have a budget down but i am making myself not buy anything for two weeks!! Baby steps i say…


  6. flaukie says:

    I agree with Sal. It usually is a better strategy to start over again the next month rather than punishing yourself.
    It helped me to make a lose budget for the non-essential things too. I would, for example, set X dollars aside for Starbucks coffee. If I went over that amount in the middle of the month, I could stop and reevaluate my budget and the remaining money at once. In this way I was less likely to go over budget because I had the chance to adjust it midmonth if necessary.


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