New things: Wool Skirt

After my birthday last week, I’ve had a good bit of shopping with my birthday money, and I’ve acquired several cute new pieces (as well as some fabric to make even more new pieces).  I’m going to try to wear at least one new piece each day and get them posted on here.

First off is my lovely new wool skirt and pink handknit beret.


This is my first time ever owning a wool skirt.  In Florida, there are relatively few days where I really need one, but this one isn’t overbearingly warm, so it works well.  It’s a cute little lined wrap number from The Limited.  And it has pockets!  Too cute.  I love that it can work equally well as a casual or dressy piece, depending on what I wear with it.  A few weekends ago, I mixed it up with a graphic tee, black tights and my red Born Codders for some casual shopping.


The beret is a handknit I finished back in January, but simply never got a chance to photograph.  The pattern is Porom by Jared Flood.  I knit it with some discontinued tweedy French wool that a friend gave me.  It came out a bit large initially, so I felted it and now it fits wonderfully.


I love how this outfit came together, although I had trouble picking out the right purse for it.  My black suede bag blends in too much with the sweater, my lime green number seemed to clash a bit, and my other ones seemed to not work too well either.  Just further justification to buy even more bags (not that I needed an excuse)!

Beret: Handknit Porom
Scarf: Chinatown
Pink blouse: Target
Sweater: Kohls
Skirt: The Limited (via Revolve)
Tights: Target
Shoes: John Fluevog Malibrans


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8 Responses to New things: Wool Skirt

  1. Sal says:

    You look SO HAPPY, lady! Love seeing you kick up your yellow, Fluevog-clad heels.


  2. 4evershop says:

    the shoes are awesome! the colour and the way that they match with the scarf, makes you a little french girl


  3. I adore your shoes – they are so pretty. It’s odd, becasue a few months ago I would have said I hated the colour, but something has been changing – and now I want them!

    Love your outfits!


  4. Those Fluevogs are to die for. Gorgeous. Are they comfy??


    • Diana says:

      Absolutely! That was one of the big selling factors for me. Very comfy. The rubber tipped heel and rubber soles make them easy to walk in. The heel is about 2 1/2 inches, so it’s just the right height for me. They were certainly an investment, but they were well worth it.


  5. puglyfeet says:

    I HEART those Fluevogs.


  6. academichic says:

    I love the yellow and purple together (complementaries). I hope you will submit something for our CFP – you have so many great looks! -A


  7. Claire says:

    Too cute! Especially those shoes! Love the pop of color.


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