Budget Update


I realize that it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on my budget.  Do forgive me.  I haven’t forgotten, life has just been super busy lately.  I have been diligently filling out my budget spreadsheets, trying not to cheat too much (although I may have forgotten to write down a cash purchase here or there).

The month of January I went over budget due to the purchase of my beloved Fluevogs.  February I forgave myself and stayed on target, although I did spend a bit more on groceries than I had budgeted.  This I find acceptable, because I want to make sure that I’m eating well and not resorting to less healthy, cheaper food.

We’re only mid-way through March yet, but I’m afraid I may have trouble this month.  I’ve had a few shopping trips lately, and while a good chunk of that was birthday money, I’m already over half way through my non-necessity budget money.  So we’ll have to see.

Still, I am very happy with the way I have begun to think about shopping.  I’m much pickier when I’m looking for things, and I try to focus on filling noticeable gaps in my wardrobe, instead of just buying whatever.  I’ve also stopped buying anything with polyester,  which helps me discriminate more at thrift shops.  Overall, I’ve felt much happier with my purchases over the past few months, even though I haven’t been able to shop as much.  I’m getting fabrics that I love, cuts that look good on me and accessories that make outfits shine.  So things are pretty good.


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4 Responses to Budget Update

  1. Sal says:

    Kudos, kitten!


  2. I am so impressed with your ability to budget! In fact, you may have inspired me to try and do it to! I spend so much money when I don’t realise it!


  3. wonker says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.


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