Daily Outfit: St Patrick's Sweater

Once, a long time ago (about a year and a half)  I knit a green deep-v-neck sweater. This was before I discovered the joy of seamless knitting.  Or learned how to make sweaters in shapes and lengths that flatter.


Since then, my knitting has greatly improved, and I really wanted to have a nice, comfortable, flattering cotton blend sweater.  Being thrifty, broke, and resourceful, I decided to re-use the yarn in this sweater to create something new that I would enjoy wearing.


That image would be all of the yarn from that sweater, frogged and turned into hanks.  Using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Seamless Raglan formula from her book, The Opinionated Knitter, I put together a new sweater from these remains.  And here it is, in all its lovely grass green glory.


I knit this at a nice, loose gauge so it would have lots of drape.  There is gentle waist shaping to add more flattery.  I made the sleeves 3/4 length because that really is my favorite sleeve length.  The cuffs, hem and neck are all done in seed stitch.  This sweater was a lot of fun to knit, and I love that it can be dressed up or down.  Now for the rest of my outfit.


I’m trying to challenge myself to wear at least one piece of jewelry each day that isn’t in my standard repertoire.  These pink pearls and bracelet did the trick today.  I would have loved to have some brass earrings as well, something like these maybe.


Those shoes are my new Clarks Rime sandals that I got on serious discount from 6pm.  I’m worried that the straps may give me blisters, so I’m breaking them in today, keeping moleskin on  hand.

Sweater: Hand-knit by me
Cami (underneath sweater): Old Navy
Capris: Erik Stewart
Shoes: Clarks Rime
Purse: Morelle Oyster
Necklace: Rummage sale
Bracelet: Thrifted


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9 Responses to Daily Outfit: St Patrick's Sweater

  1. academichic says:

    Um, wow! I’m impressed on so many levels – that you made a sweater to begin with, that you decided to reuse the yarn to make a better one, and that you ended up knitting a really awesome item of clothing! Looks really flattering on you and I love the color and the 3/4 sleeves too!

    well played. well played. S.


  2. Sal says:

    I am SUPER impressed! Way to recycle, and lady, way to knit up a fantastically flattering sweater!


  3. The new sweater looks great! Did you have extra yarn from the first sweater? I would have been sweating bullets wondering if there was enough yarn to go from sweater A to sweater B.

    great job!


    • Diana says:

      Thanks for all the compliments! As for the amount of yarn, I wasn’t too worried about having enough since I decided to make the sleeves shorter in this version of the sweater and eliminate the seams. I also have some extra yarn in the same color, but a different dye-lot, that I had available just in case


  4. Jen says:

    You look bright and green 🙂 I almost forgot it was st patricks day until i saw people in the street all dressed in green!!


  5. lekkercraft says:

    Wow, great remake! I have a few sweater awaiting the same fate – to reclaim the yarn for better projects…


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  8. Daniel Bax says:

    I am SUPER impressed! Way to offer, and child, way to knit up a unbelievably becoming sweater!


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