Riding the Pinellas Trail: Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went on a biking expedition on the Pinellas trail earlier this week.  I went with my boyfriend, Carlo, and a good friend of ours, Chris.  The day started slightly chilly, but we warmed up with riding.  Thus, I kept switching up my layers to adjust to the temperature.


(Me demonstrating the effectiveness of layers)

We drove into downtown Tarpon Springs with our bikes on the back of the car, and then started off by riding to the sponge docks, a popular tourist attraction.  There’s lots of kitschy Greek shops there selling sponges, shell jewelry, and other nautical delights.  I got an awesome sea captain’s hat at one.  I’ve got a hunch that this could be the next newsboy.  I also paid a visit to my favorite soap shop, Get a Guru, where I purchased some lovely rosemary and poppyseed olive oil soap.


(My fav soap shop)

We got a tasty Greek lunch of dolmades, spankopita and saganaki (opa cheese), as well as some fantastic Greek rose wine.  After that, we hopped back on our bikes, took a quick stop back in downtown Tarpon Springs, and then started on the trail.  


(Carlo and Chris on the trail)

We rode all the way to downtown Dunedin, which is about a ten miles ride, give or take a bit.  The trail is gorgeous, and you get to see some amazing scenery.  In Dunedin, we stopped for about an hour or so to get some refreshments and relax.  Then it was back on the bikes to watch the sunset on the way back to Tarpon Springs  All in all, a fantastic day.


(Carlo and I on our bikes)

Note: For those interested in bike info, my bike is a 1979 Schwinn Suburban, manufactured in Chicago.  Carlo’s is a new Schwinn Collegiate 7.


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  1. academichic says:

    What a GREAT day! This made me want to hit the trail with my bike, my fiance, and a packed lunch – something we haven’t done since last summer…sigh…so wonderful! Unfortunately, it’s all study for me right now, but at least I got to enjoy this vicariously through your post 🙂 S.


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