Daily Outfit: Splashes of Color

During a recent trip to Revolve, I bought this dress and the skirt in today’s outfit using some store credit.  The skirt was a bit large on me, and came to about mid-calf, but I knew that the material was good and that I could easily modify it to work for me.  I hemmed it significantly, then used the section I chopped off to add a ruffle at the bottom.  I put some elastic into the waistband to help it fit me a bit better.  And volia!  Gorgeous new skirt.


These pictures really don’t do the color justice.  It has a khaki base, with stripes of orange, yellow, green and blue, which means it can go with just about anything.  I used these colors to my advantage in todays outfit, by adding lots of red accents to pull out the orange.  I balanced out all the warm colors with my blue headband and gray purse.


I think it’s funny that many people tend to avoid colorful garments or accessories, because they’re worried about finding things that will go with them.  The fact of the matter is, if you keep enough colorful items in your wardrobe, there will always be something that will work.


I think I’ve discovered that one of my wardrobe essentials is having multiple scoop-neck t-shirts in different colors.  They keep an outfit casual, but the scoop-neck makes them a bit more put together and flattering than crew necks.  When I find a particular tee like this, I stock up in as many colors as will work for me.  I have this one in brown, black, eggplant, pink and red.


The pendant necklace is a beautiful red, cream, and white floral pendant that I bought from the now-defunct Etsy shop, Imogen.  



Tee: Target
Skirt: Lane Bryant (via Revolve and re-conned)
Shoes: Born Codders
Purse: Morelle City Bag
Headband: Target
Scarf (tied on bag): Thrifted
Earrings: June Designs
Pendant: Imogen
Bracelets: Jill Popowich 


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11 Responses to Daily Outfit: Splashes of Color

  1. Modest Mom says:

    Great outfit. I love the skirt and you are right about the colors in it — you can wear so many things with that. I love how the tee makes it look casual and dressy at the same time.


  2. Sal says:

    Glad you posted the close-up … that fabric really is lovely.


  3. Struggler says:

    I found myself nodding along to the points you make in this post! Absolutely, the more colors in something, the more likely it is something else will go with it. (My adored tweedy shoes are a good example and never cease to amaze me.)
    The second thing I’ve found is, if you consistently buy colors you like, then sooner or later, stuff starts to co-ordinate. I suppose that’s not so shocking really.
    And I hear you on scoop neck tees! I used to buy lots and lots of tanks, for layering, but I’m now finding, if I get hot in the top layer, I feel a bit exposed (at work) in the tank-cut. I recently added 2 scoop neck tees to my options and as soon as they come through the laundry, they’re straight back on again – sign of a useful garment, I find! Do you find Target tees are good enough quality?


    • Diana says:

      Well, I’ll admit that Target t-shirts are not the best quality. However, I’m ridiculously clumsy, and tend to spill things frequently and stain clothes, especially t-shirts. Thus, I usually like to buy them cheap and often. That being said, I adore American Apparel shirts, and when I get the chance, I love to buy a few of theirs.


  4. Struggler says:

    Good to know, thank you!


  5. Nadine says:

    Lovely skirt… and you wear it so well :).


  6. Goober says:

    I am really impressed with your tailoring / sewing abilities. I’ve always relied on my mom to do any sewing I need, but more and more I’m inspired to have her teach me!


  7. ambika says:

    Well done on the skirt! It’s gorgeous, summery and that ruffle makes it too sweet!


  8. Sher says:

    What I love is the cut of that skirt. It’s so flattering!


  9. puglyfeet says:

    What a pretty outfit!


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