The Balancing Act


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I find that in style, as in all things in life, balance is key, and extreme in either direction is not so good.

For example, on one end of the spectrum you have the most dowdy woman ever.  Never concerned about whether clothes fit or flatter, she wears whatever she has to cover up her body.  For her, life is simply about getting by without getting noticed.  She just wants to be comfortable.  She doesn’t care if all her clothes are what she wore in the eighties.  She sees no problem with wearing sweatpants to a nice restaurant.  She’s been wearing the same hair style since she was 15.  She never stops to look in a mirror because there’s nothing to see.

On the opposite side, you have the fashion victim.  She endlessly reads up on all the latest fashion trends and couture.  She spends all her money (and credit) to scoop up the latest trends, only to toss them once the season ends.  She constantly frets about her appearance.  She bears with insanely painful shoes for the sake of fitting in.  She can’t bear the thought of putting something on from last season.  The thought of buying clothes from Target or Old Navy appalls her.  All her thoughts and conversations revolve around how to bring herself closer to style perfection.

Both of these views are extreme and unbalanced.  Comfort is good, but it is also possible to be comfortable and wear things that flatter your body at the same time.    Style is about learning what you love to wear.  There’s nothing wrong with embracing trends, as long as they don’t control you.  There is something wrong with putting yourself through physical, mental and financial anguish for the approval of others.


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  1. Nadine says:

    Such a great post – you’ve said it so well.


  2. Sher says:

    So TRUE! great post!


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