Daily Outfit: From Gathers to Darts

I had one of those monday mornings yesterday where I felt tired, cranky, and un-eager to deal with the rest of the world.  It took me about an hour to get dressed, as I kept feeling unsatisfied with everything.  I finally selected one of my new tops from my work/interview shopping to wear, only to discover that there was one problem.  See if you can figure it out.


You guessed the baggy fabric underneath my chest right?  This beautiful wrap top is a nice structured cotton, perfect for the summer.  But for some reason, the designer decided to place gathers a good two inches below the bust line, leaving lots of extra fabric where it isn’t needed.  I ended up wearing the top like this most of the day, but I when I got home, I broke out my seam ripper and sewing machine.  This is normally something I would take to a tailor but 1) I was feeling really ambitious and 2) I wanted it now.  I took out the gathers, pressed them flat, made new darts that ended at the bust line.  I sewed them back in and voila!  a much better fitting blouse!


Like I said, this is one of the fabulous items bought recently at Nordstroms, along with my gorgeous teal top that you saw yesterday.  Since this is sleeveless, I wouldn’t wear it to an interview.  But it’s great for a regular day of work, and it looks amazingly sharp over a pencil skirt.  You’ll be seeing the rest of my interview wear soon, which includes my fab pencil skirt, a pinstripe blazer, and a silk black and white printed top.  Since almost everything was on sale, I got all these items, alterations to the blazer, and a pair of Spanx, for less than the suit I was originally going to get from JCrew would have cost me!  I never would have thought of Nordstrom as a bargain before!  (Of course, I should note that the money for my interview clothes came from extra money I took out this semester for this specific purpose, not from my regular budget)


I’m so glad to finally have some jeans at the right length for heels.  All my other pairs had been hemmed too short.  With these, I specifically tried them on with shoes my average heel height (about 2 3/4 inches) and then hemmed them so they would fall about 1 inch from the ground.


My shoes end up just peeking out from under my jeans this way, but the longer hem creates a much nicer line.


Blouse: Great Plains (Nordstroms)
Camisole: Old Navy
Jeans: Express Stella
Shoes: Dansko Neve
Pearls: ???
Earrings: Sara Westermark
Cuff: Thrifted
Purse: Morelle Oyster


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12 Responses to Daily Outfit: From Gathers to Darts

  1. Clare says:

    I envy your ability to sew…my skill is about at par with learning the alphabet and getting stuck on F. I CAN, however, hand-sew a hem onto my jeans; a skill I was forced to learn early, with my 5’2″ body.

    Also, I love the little details on this outfit; the bracelet, bag, and shoes really bring the whole thing together while still letting that gorgeous shirt stand out!


  2. love it- sooo pretty!


  3. Cindee says:

    well that’s really awesome that you have the skills and wherewithal to fix a top and make it suit you! it looks great! and from what i can see of your shoes, those look great too and go really well with the outfit!!


  4. Tina says:

    Holy Alterations, Batman! The top looks so much better. I’m jealous of your bravery. I don’t usualy have the gumption to alter something that I already like. I only attack items that I would never wear as is. I’m impressed.


  5. puglyfeet says:

    Lovely! It’s cool how you can alter your own clothes.


  6. Sal says:

    SUCH an improvement! Glad you were able to take care of those alterations yourself.


  7. winnie says:

    It looks really awesome. I love making things my own too. That cuff is gorgeous and even better that it was a thrifted find, what a gem!


  8. Sarah says:

    Your site is really inspirational. You are just adorable and have a great sense of style! I check you out almost every day and find useful and inspiring ideas. Keep up the good work!

    Sarah in Sweden


  9. Patricia says:

    I like the top its really cute. You did a great job on the sewing. I wish that I could sew clothes!!!


  10. WaterGirl says:

    Love the floral print and the color of the turquoise top yesterday is gorgeous! And I often have to alter or hem certain pieces to make them a better fit for me (especially pants)…hope you’re staying cool in Tampa (yea, I know that’s pretty much impossible)!


  11. Mary says:

    What an awesome recon! It looks one million times more fabulous 🙂


  12. dottie says:

    I love the blue gingham shoes with red toenails!


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