Daily Outfit: Interview Time

So yesterday I had an interview.  Everything I have read advised that you should wear a suit, so I got one on sale at Nordstrom.  I’m not exactly crazy about wearing a suit, or about how it looks on me, but it is what it is (and the blazer really doesn’t fit as badly as this photo makes it look).


That’s what I planned to wear.  However, when I got to the school, I found out that the air conditioning was being fixed.  I made the decision to switch to my back-up plan because I thought it would be a bit more professional to sacrifice the blazer for the sake of not pouring down sweat.  I think I still looked professional, and I actually like the second incarnation of the outfit better.


I felt a lot more comfortable in this outfit.  That blouse is silk, and so amazingly soft.  I kept things to a classic, black and white with a pop of color palette.  I kept the jewelry simple and classic with pearls and a nice watch.  I went a little fun with the shoes by going with black patent heels.  Overall, I like how it turned out.


What you don’t see here is my interview tool kit, which I took along with me to prevent any problems.  I threw into a tote bag: a book to read in case I got to the location too early, a lint roller, compact, tissues, stain remover, back-up heels, a back-up blouse, mints, deodorant, an umbrella etc.  While I didn’t end up needing much of this, it gave me great peace of mind to know that I had it.  And just to clarify, the tool kit stayed in the car during the actual interview.


The interview went pretty well.  I’ll keep you updated, and you’ll be seeing some more interview looks on here soon.

Blouse: Micheal Kors
Waistcoat: Ann Taylor LOFT
Skirt: Semantics (Nordstrom)
Shoes: Clarks Apple Sky
Purse: Easy Spirit
Peals: Coryell Design
Earrings: Coryell Design
Watch: Target


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12 Responses to Daily Outfit: Interview Time

  1. Clare says:

    Oh, I love what you ended up wearing! They are both great interview looks, but the second one really looks like YOU. And interviewers need to get a feel for who they’re interviewing! Good luck!!


  2. Mary says:

    You look great! Hope the interview went well.


  3. Cindee says:

    i think you got a really flattering suit there! i love that it has the vest option. and who can blame you for not wanting to sweat to death?? i must say you are far more prepared for interviews than i typically have been! at the interview for my current job (which i did about 8 months ago), it was cold and i had a gigantic wool coat with me that i had no clue what to do with. i should have left it in the car and bared the chill in the air between it and the interview site! ah well! it still went okay!


  4. Sal says:

    The vest is perfect! Glad you went with that incarnation … but sorry to hear it was caused by an AC outage … yikes.


  5. Denise says:

    You look great in that suit! Hopefully you won’t have too many more interviews to go to.


  6. Struggler says:

    Well, if you don’t get the job, it won’t be because of your outfit – you look great and, I would say, for a job at a school, a bit more approachable than with the blazer on.
    Best of luck!


  7. Eyeliah says:

    Nice interview outfit, I usually wear a red dress shirt to interviews as I remember reading somewhere that increases the chances of getting hired, lol.


  8. Bianca says:

    The suit looks great! I love the shape of the jacket!

    As you are probably guessing I am LMAO that you bought a suit and did not wear it to the interview -and I bought a suit and have not worn it to 2 interviews now LOL~I do love the vest as jacket. 🙂


  9. Sher says:

    Beautiful basic outfit! Both looks are professional and conservative. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


  10. Goober says:

    I love what you ended up wearing – so stylish and professional. In my opinion whatever you wear that makes you feel confident and comfortable – that is the best thing to wear to an interview – I think it definitely shines through. Hope the interview went well!


  11. WaterGirl says:

    Great professional look (both of them in my opinion)…hope the interview went well. Fingers crossed for ya! 🙂


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