Daily Outfit: Aqua and Red


Sometime ago, there was an Etsy treasury that focused on items that were aqua and red.  I loved this color combination so much, that I printed out the page and stuck it in my inspiration notebook.  The other day, I was determined to wear my new cardigan, and I ended up re-creating this color combo quite by accident.  It was only later in the day, as I happened to open my notebook, that I remembered the actual inspiration from months ago.

Etsy inspiration.png

I tried it wearing the cardigan both buttoned up and unbuttoned, and I like both ways.  I got this cardi on my very successful trip to Revolve last week.  Now you may remember that during my discussion of wardrobe gaps, I mentioned that I really didn’t need more cardigans right now.  However, I consider this an exception, and here’s why. That list was the short version of many longer lists that I keep with me when I shop.  And on those lists, the items “red v-neck cardigan” and “short-sleeved cardigan” both appear.  This satisfies both of those.  And it’s modal.  And it’s one of my favorite brands.  And it was basically free with my store credit.  So I think this definitely qualifies as gap-filling.


I don’t normally wear two items of the same color so close together, but I felt that this outfit really needed a chunky necklace, and my lovely turquoise statement number fit the bill perfectly.


Since I recently acquired so many Dansko wedge sandals, I thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot of all of them together.  My neighbor’s cat decided to join in on the fun, and here are the adorable results.

Dansko Nolita Sandals: Kitty tested, human approved.


I received a question yesterday about comfort issues with this line of Dansko sandals, so I thought I would put my response here, because I realize that it’s something I haven’t really addressed on here:

When I first got my Dansko Neves (which have very similar straps to the Necci), they gave me blisters every time I wore them, and for a couple months I just stopped wearing them altogether.  About a month ago, I tried wearing them again, and this time they barely hurt my feet at all.  I still wouldn’t want to take any of these on a long walk, and the heel of the wedge is about as high as my feet can comfortably get.  But once I got the shoes broken in, they were much more comfortable and now they’re some of my favorite sandals.

Of course, everyone’s feet are different, so it’s possible that what works for my feet won’t work for your feet.  I would suggest wearing them for short intervals for awhile, with a back up pair of shoes on hand.  Usually for me, that stretches the straps just enough to make the sandals a lot more comfortable.”

Blouse: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT (via Revolve)
Capris: Erik Stewart
Wedges: Dansko Nicolette
Purse: Morelle Oyster
Necklace: Express
Bangles: Jill Popowich
Earrings: Sara Westermark


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15 Responses to Daily Outfit: Aqua and Red

  1. Clare says:

    I love the sweet little buttons on the sleeves of that cardigan! While I don’t have any Dansko sandals, my clogs have been with me through 3 winters so far, and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe I should invest in some sandals…


  2. Mary says:

    I absolutely love the detailing on that top– plus those colors are gorgeous together!


  3. Cindee says:

    ah yes! i LOVE aqua and red together. i think i’ve tried it on ocassion. i need to try it more!


  4. Sal says:

    Oooh, not a color combo I’ve seen often, but I see why you love it. And I totally agree that the necklace was a great choice!


  5. savvymode says:

    Etsy is such a great place to find interesting things. you simply look adorable in turquoise. btw, i am doing a shoe giveaway! : ) have a fab day.


  6. Kristin says:

    I adore that color combo so much I did my kitchen/family room in it. Love that top!


  7. Sher says:

    Beautiful detailed top! And my favorite color too 🙂


  8. Bianca says:

    I love red and aqua – I wear my turq jewelry with red all the time. You did a great job with the color mix!

    On an unrelated note, I have the same shirt that is in the top center of the Etsy list on my favorites LOL.


  9. Krystal Bick says:

    OK, it’s official. I need a cat. NOW. Too cute. And I’m loving the stripe and solid color combo here. Very eye-catching. 🙂 Also, you have such a cute smile. I absolutely hate smiling for cameras, the end result always disappoints. But you look lovely, dear!


  10. MissAmy says:

    I love the color combo & the texture on the turquoise top is the coolest! Good luck with the new job! XOXO, MissAmy


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