Daily Outfit: Blue in Green

I bought this dress way back in May, but I’ve only worn it a few times since.  Why, you may ask?  Well, strapless dresses are not easy to deal with, in my opinion.  Wearing them on their own requires constant adjusting of underthings, layering over them or under them is a bit warm for summer.  I loved every detail about this dress except for the fact that it was strapless.  What’s a girl to do?  How about buy a second dress in the same color and size and perform some surgery to get two brand new garments?


I cut off the bottom 5 inches of one dress, stitched the fabric into straps and sewed them on this one.  I added ribbon halter straps to the shortened dress, which is now a halter (you’ll see it soon).  I don’t normally buy something new with the intention of altering it, and I’ve never bought two of something before like this.  But here was my reasoning:  I love this dress.  The length is perfect, so I didn’t want to change that.  I love the color, and I thought it would be too jarring to make the straps in a different color.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  The dress was on sale ($38) and yes I bought two, but I ended up with two garments that I love, instead of one that I rarely use.


I was originally going to add straight straps, but that seemed like it would be a bit boring.  Then I realized that I could make criss-crossed straps in the back to match a racer-back bra, allowing support and sexiness.  I am thrilled with the result.


Have I ever mentioned that my back freckles are my favorite part of my body?  I know it may seem weird, but I just love them.


You will be seeing this dress much more now that it’s been altered.  And I’ll debut the tunic version sometime next week.


Dress: Urban Outfitters (re-conned)
Sandals: Born Savory
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Scarf: Vintage by Lyzzie
Earrings: June Designs
Necklace: Pixisette
Bangles: Jill Popowich

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14 Responses to Daily Outfit: Blue in Green

  1. Clare says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!! You’re such a whiz at layering, so it’s almost odd to see you with just one main piece. I love what you’ve done to alter it, but I also love how the simplicity of the outfit calls more attention to your natural beauty.


  2. Mary says:

    Love the way you’ve altered this– now it’s so versatile and you don’t have to worry about the constant struggle of a strapless dress 🙂


  3. Modest Mom says:

    What a great “refashion” and I can’t wait to see the top. This color looks fabulous.


  4. Cindee says:

    very cute, flattering dress! i can see why you like it so much! have a good weekend!


  5. Sal says:

    WOW, lady, what a great dress you’ve concocted! Way to repurpose.


  6. Goober says:

    Everytime you perform one of your altering fashion triumphs it makes me wish I could sew. Thank goodness my mom does 🙂

    Great dress – love the changes you’ve made to it!


  7. Kristin says:

    What a brilliant redo! It looks lovely on you!


  8. Love that dress, darling!



  9. jessica says:

    I really love your energy. The umbrella color is my favorite 🙂



  10. Sher says:

    Crossing the straps was a perfect idea! Just love that shot of you holding the umbrella.


  11. bluerose says:

    Pretty, pretty dress. Definitely wear dresses like this, while you are young and pretty.


  12. ambika says:

    Well done on the refashion. Blue & green has lately become one of my favorite color combinations–I especially love that little scarf on your purse.


  13. Londyn says:

    Love this look! Adorable.


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