Daily Outfit: Dress v3.0

In an effort of finding more ways to stretch my wardrobe, I’ve been working on finding six different and unique ways to wear this black and white abstract floral dress from Express.  I’ve already done a simple and chic version and a more casual leggings and sandals version.  For today’s version, I wanted to have a perfect mix of comfort and chic.  This demanded flat, comfortable sandals and accessories that wouldn’t be constricting.  I ended up tying a silk sash around my waist, throwing on a black cardigan (indoors only), and then kept it from being too dressy with the sandals.  This look could easily be dressed up for a night out by adding heels and some sparkly jewelry.


Even though it’s not something I often do, I really like the simplicity of wearing all neutrals here.  Normally I’m adamant about adding at least a pop of color somewhere on an outfit, but all I did here was add a tiny dash of color in the seafoam pendant.


I got a wonderful letter from a reader recently that described my style as “stylishly-comfortable” or “comfortably-stylish” and I think this outfit encapsulates that.  All the jersey made this wonderfully comfortable, and there was nothing that I had to constantly adjust, unlike the other day.  I think we look and feel my most beautiful when we’re comfortable in what we’re wearing.  If we have to constantly adjust and fret about what we have on, we’re too busy worrying about that to enjoy the moment.


Dress: Express
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Scarf: Thrifted
Sandals: Clarks Rime
Purse: Thrifted and re-conned
Necklace: Lii-Lii
Bangles: Jill Popowich
Earrings: June Designs


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7 Responses to Daily Outfit: Dress v3.0

  1. Sal says:

    Such a great project! Looking forward to seeing the other chic looks you concoct for this great dress.


  2. Kristine says:

    Love this outfit! Express is my go to store for chic work type clothing and you always confirm that for me! Although reading your blog makes me want to go shopping…


  3. Struggler says:

    You look great. Sometimes, all neutral is a statement on its own I think!


  4. eyeliah says:

    Great idea, statement dresses like this are hard to mix up.


  5. Clare says:

    I really like the “all neutrals” color palette you have going here. It actually makes some of the pieces stand out in ways that they wouldn’t have if they had been paired with something brighter. Can’t wait to see how else you style this!


  6. Sher says:

    Yes, this dress can be a day dress or night 😉 Lovely!


  7. tiffany says:

    you look great! sometimes a pop of color is not needed, i like to do just a basic black and white sometimes too. i think you paired the dress with the perfect accessories!


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