Daily Outfit: Summer Accents


This outfit started with Kim’s August Inspiration Calendar, which called for pinstripe pants.  I only own one pair, so I wanted to find a new way to wear them.  I knew that they needed to be paired with some bright and light colors.  Eventually, I decided on this lovely combination, which also gave me a chance to showcase my new vintage necklace.


It’s so funny how your instincts can work when shopping.  My local Anthropologie is really close to wear I get my hair cut, and about a month ago I had half an hour to kill before an appointment, so I stopped in.  I didn’t really expect to buy anything, tried on a couple items and was starting to walk out when I saw this blouse.  I loved the texture, and I was immediately drawn to the color.  But I was starting to run late, so at first I put it back down and started walking back to my car.  Then I changed my mind, went back in and bought it.  Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts, because this has now become one of my favorite summer blouses.


Buying this necklace was actually the opposite experience.  I had been looking around on Etsy for mod vintage when I found this.  I was immediately drawn to how it has classic mod white circles but looks a bit more modern and unique than many other mod necklaces.  I almost bought it right then, but instead I waited.  Then the other day, I was getting dressed, and realized that this necklace would have been perfect for the outfit I was wearing.  It was a new month, and a new budget, so I scooped it up.


By the way, I’ve been getting really behind on my blog reading and commenting, but I’m hoping to be able to catch up next week.  Wednesday was my last day at my job, and Saturday I get my Master’s degree, so things have been pretty busy around here.  The next couple of weeks will be a lot more calm, as I’ll be unemployed for a little while (but hopefully not too long!).  Please know that I do love reading all your blogs, and that I appreciate each and every comment I receive on here.  You guys are awesome!

And just for fun, nothing like a pic with the dog I’m pet-sitting, Apache.


Blouse: Anthropologie
Bolero: Ann Taylor LOFT
Pants: Express
Shoes: Clarks Apple Sky
Purse: Thrifted and re-conned
Necklace: Ageless Charm
Bangles: Jill Popowich
Earrings: June Designs


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5 Responses to Daily Outfit: Summer Accents

  1. Modest Mom says:

    You look great! I love the fact that all the pieces look as if they were made to go together. You’re right about instinct…often our deepest non thoughts are right on target.


  2. WaterGirl says:

    Lovely outfit! Love the color of the top and the mod/vintage feel of the necklace.


  3. Clare says:

    I love this color on you! And great necklace!!


  4. qin says:

    I want your bag! It is so big & pretty.


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