What I wish I had this summer


Towards the end of last winter, I put together a list of items I wished I had during the colder months of the year.  I’ve found this list to be really helpful in planning what I need to get before the temps drop again.  Since this list was so useful, I thought it would make sense to make a list of things that would have made the hot summer months a bit easier to handle.  Here’s what I came up with while I was at the beach.

  • A floppy sun hat – I’ve got a straw cowboy hat that I love to break out during the brighter months, but it would be great to have a less-Western alternative, preferably in a color.
  • Crocs Malindi flats – I’ve grown to dislike the look of traditional Crocs, but I love the feel, and these Malindi flats blend comfort and water-proof-ness in a lovely and stylish design.  The leopard print is gorgeous.
  • Born Nordi sandals – I absolutely adore my Born Savory sandals, and I wore them a ton at the beach.  I think I would love the Nordis just as much, and that silver color is so perfectly summer.
  • Short shorts – I’ve got knee length shorts that are great for casual days, but at the beach I found myself really wanting to show some more leg.  It’s really hard to find shorts that fit me well, so I’ll have to hunt around for these.
  • Light short sleeved cardis – I wore my three quarter sleeve white cotton LOFT cardi several times a week this summer.  I’d love to have some more options in more colors.
  • Casual button downs – All my button downs are very dressy, but I was really craving a comfy, casual button down for wearing over tank tops and swim suits.
  • A sarong – Because they look so much hotter than tying a towel around your waist.
  • Pretty beach cover-ups – See above.  A crochet cotton dress could be fun.

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8 Responses to What I wish I had this summer

  1. Sal says:

    You might still be able to snap up a few of these pieces on clearance, if you hurry!


  2. Sher says:

    Now is the time to glance around for those items at year end clearance prices. I love that picture of you on the beach! And your cowboy hat is perfect for you!


  3. Great idea, darling! I need to compile one of these lists myself. Love your cowboy hat!



  4. Goober says:

    I love how organized you are in your shopping. My wardrobe is sadly lacking in certain areas, but I’ve never taken the time to really write out what needs to be purchased so those areas remain lacking. I need to take a lesson from you!


  5. Elaine says:

    THat is a great idea! I’m just starting to think about items for the fall but I think we should be thinking about NEXT summer too as you said!


  6. Jessica says:

    I have the Nordi sandals in a lovely saddle tan color, and they have been great– very comfortable and stylish. One of the straps broke in the first few wearings, but I bought them from Zappos and they shipped me a new pair, pronto. I do find that the leather footbed rubs a little under the ball of my foot if I walk a lot in them, but I have had similiar problems in other shoes, so I think it’s just me.

    Old Navy has some nice light button down shirts that would fit the bill. I bought one last summer, and one this summer and have happily worn them in the worst of the Texas heat.


  7. Struggler says:

    Great idea; I had ‘new white jeans’ on my shopping list all summer and never got around to getting them!
    I agree with others, it doesn’t seem too late to get some of these on clearance.


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