Accessories Inventory: My Essentials

Like items in my wardrobe, there are certain accessories I own that I couldn’t go without.


A Basic Pearl Necklace (Coryell Design)

I love my pearls.  They give any outfit an extra touch of class.  And they never, ever go out of style.


Sterling Silver Bangles (Jill Popowich)

I literally wear these almost every day.  I love the light, feminine touch that they add.  And the pretty sound they make 🙂


Black Mary Janes (Clarks Apple Sky)

Okay, so it’s extremely hard to pick just one pair of shoes.  But if I had to have only one pair of shoes for work, these would probably be the ones.  They look amazing with both pants and dresses.  The patent classes them up a notch.  They’re reasonably comfortable (although my feet do start to hurt towards the end of the day).


Brown Strappy Sandals (Born Savory)

Okay, so I chose two pairs of shoes.  While the previous ones were my work essentials, these are my casual essentials. Since Florida is so warm, it’s possible to wear sandals for most of the year.  These lovelies are amazingly comfortable (once broken in) and they look great with everything.


A Colorful Purse (Easy Spirit Outlet)

I love wearing this edamame colored bag to add a pop of color.  I’ve worn it so much that I’ve had to do a few repairs to the interior lining.  That’s fine with me though, because I love this classy bag.


A Black Leather Hobo (Morelle)

Because it’s classic, because it’s beautiful. and because it goes with everything.


Silver Woven Belt (Thrifted)

I never really thought I needed a silver belt until I bought one.  Now, I wear it all the time.  I love how it’s unexpected.


Sterling Silver Hoops (Sara Westermark)

Sterling Silver Studs (June Designs)

Again, simple, classic and go with everything.


Scarves and Brooches

Okay, so I’m really cheating here.  Scarves and brooches in general are an essential in my wardrobe.  There isn’t a specific one that I wear constantly, simply because of the way I utilize them as accents.  I love how a scarf or brooch can instantly make an outfit more chic, and it’s impossible to choose just one.


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3 Responses to Accessories Inventory: My Essentials

  1. Lauren Cooke says:

    I love that scarf collection, it is so pretty! I don’t wear many scarves, maybe I ought to wear more…


  2. Kristen says:

    I love the appreciation you have for fine detail, and I like that you paid homage to them here.


  3. See, I don’t consider shoes accessories at all…. I love that green bag of yours, and your scarf collection is enviable indeed!


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