Shopping Ban: Week 8

I’m discovering that I’m really focusing on accessories right now during this ban.  They’re generally more affordable than garments, and they can work to create completely new looks with pieces that you already have.  So here’s what I bought this week:


Headband from Anthropologie  $20

$20 might seem like a lot for a headband (and it was on sale too!)  But I really like this one a lot, and  it’s actually reversible, so it’s really like I’m getting two headbands for $10 each.


Same headband reversed


Hue Tights in Cosmos  $12.50 at Anthropologie

It’s no secret that I love tights, despite the fact that it doesn’t really get that cold in Florida.  Most of my tights are in warm or neutral colors, so I thought that a blue pair would add a little more versatility to my wardrobe.

Those purchases both came from the $50 free day I have budgeted each month, and it only added up to $32.50.  That left some additional free day money, as well as the $33.50 in ban money I had from not buying anything the week before.  $3.50 was still left from week 6, $15 from week 7, and $15 from this week.  So I bought something that I’d been craving on Etsy for awhile.


Amethyst Necklace from RedChair $36

I’ve wanted to buy from RedChair for awhile, and I’ve been craving an amethyst necklace lately.  So when I realized that this one was within budget, I snatched it up.  And I love it.  I need more purple in my life, and this is a good start.

So that used up all of my ban money, plus $2.50 from the free day money.  That leaves me with no ban money carrying over to next week, and $15 in free money carrying over.  This is good, because I’m going to San Diego for a family wedding next week, so I’ll have a little more free money available in case I find something I absolutely love while I’m there.

(Note: I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, but I will try to post the winner of the leggings contest by the end of the weekend.  Hopefully today)


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2 Responses to Shopping Ban: Week 8

  1. Lesa says:

    I love all of your purchases, wish I had come shopping with you!


  2. Bianca says:

    I love the amy necklace you ended up choosing! Its so pretty.


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