Daily Outfit: Aleita

I don’t know if all knitters are like this, but whenever I finish a new project, I feel an immediate compulsion to wear it, no matter what the season.  Luckily, things timed well with this vest, because we had a cool front (temps in the mid-60’s to high-70’s) and the vest is made of linen/cotton, which doesn’t make it too warm.


This is the Aleita Shell, which comes from the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits.  It’s a project that I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but just finally got around to this summer.  The yarn is Elann Callista, for those interested.  I’m very pleased with how this turned out, and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot.


I tried experimenting with taking pictures at work for this outfit, but I’m not crazy about how they turned out.  I used my smaller camera and a mini tripod balanced on a table.  The lighting was okay, but the quality isn’t that awesome.  I could take my regular camera (Canon Digital Rebel) and tripod, but I really don’t want to lug all that to work everyday.  Still, it was a lot more convenient.  We’ll see.


Tee: Target (thrifted)
Vest: Aleita Shell (handknit by me)
Pants: Express
Shoes: Clarks Apple Sky
Purse: Morelle City Bag
Headband: Anthropologie
Necklace: Red Chair
Watch: Target

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9 Responses to Daily Outfit: Aleita

  1. nurmisur says:

    The vest is very cute. You did a great job with it and I’m sure you will give it allot of wear.


  2. Clare says:

    Diana, I am floored. This is incredible!! It looks marv on you, too.


  3. That vest is so cute that it makes me think I might start knitting again.
    The colour is so ‘this season’ and the style looks like you will be able to wear it with a number of outfits.
    Well done you.


  4. Sher says:

    OMG! What an awesome job! I could never do that. I don’t have the patience. I’ve only knitted a scarf and even let’s just say I didn’t have consistent tension on the yarn. (you know what I mean)


  5. elena says:

    yeah and what i knit is scarves so its fun to pretend its a boa and be a little silly! your vest is perfect! great job! i havent ever done one so im totally jealous! 🙂


  6. Cindee says:

    awesome! great job on the vest. looks good!


  7. ShopKim says:

    Excellent job on the vest, you’re very talented!


  8. Kristen says:

    You are quite the talented knitter. That looks great on you!


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