Daily Outfit: Dress v 6.0

full shot

I’ve finally made it!  I’ve worn this dress six different ways.  You can see the other five here, here, here (which I admit was pretty similar), here and here.  These were pretty much all summer versions.  I’m looking forward to finding even more ways to remix this dress in the fall and winter.


For today’s version, I kept the color palette to a simple black and white, with a few turquoise accents.  I add a camisole underneath, as well as leggings, to add a little modesty, since I work with kids.  The bolero added extra coziness to this outfit.  I love it when comfort and chic come together so seamlessly.

close up

Dress: Express
Leggings: Target
Bolero: Ann Taylor LOFT
Sandals: Clarks Rime
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Express
Earrings: June Designs
Watch: Target


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10 Responses to Daily Outfit: Dress v 6.0

  1. Clare says:

    Well, this dress has definitely paid itself off! This is a lovely outfit. You look stunning in turquoise and teal (and purple, and red…you do rock those rich tones!).


  2. Sal says:

    Woo hoo! Way to make the most of your wardrobe.


  3. Kendra says:

    Very cute! Love the color combo!


  4. gina says:

    Great dress! I love the turquoise accents!


  5. nurmisur says:

    Yeah, love the various outfits you made with the dress 🙂


  6. Mary says:

    Love all the ways you’ve styled the dress– just goes to show what a versatile piece it is!


  7. Cindee says:

    love the way you are wearing that dress here, especially the pops of turquoise. and the leggings too! how cute! well done.


  8. Kristen says:

    Love the way the turquoise just explodes off the black-and-white. Very smart; one more color added in would have taken away from the look.


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