Shopping Ban: Weeks 9 & 10

At the end of week 8, I had $15 in free money left.  To that can be added $50 of free money for October, plus $30 of ban money for two weeks.  Let’s see how I spent it.


Lush Brown Hornet Dress: $36

The day before my trip to California, I stopped at a boutique near my work on an impulse.  I was surprised to find several reasonably priced items in the store, along with some really great fancy dresses that were a bit pricier.  The second I tried on this dress, I fell in love.  The fit is divine, the viscose/rayon blend is super soft, and the details make me feel like a Greek goddess.  I do wish that the color was a bit more vibrant and that the length was slightly longer, but I can live with those things.  This $36 came from the $65 of free money I had, leaving me with $29 of free money.


Efy Tal Earrings  $36 (on sale)

One day while I was in Encinitas, CA, me and some of the folks walked to a nearby Farmer’s Market.  I wish we had markets like this back home.  It had so many cool vendors, and tons of fresh, delicious produce.  One of the vendors was Efy Tal Jewelry, being manned by the San Diego artist herself.  I couldn’t pass up these gorgeous earrings, and I’ve worn them several times since.  I love getting to support handmade artisans, and it’s even better when you actually get to meet them in person.  Since they’re handmade, I feel that it’s okay to use my ban money towards these.  That takes all $30 of the ban money I had from two weeks, plus $6 of free money, leave me with $23 in free money.


Blu Heaven Blouse  $0.50!


Coyote Corduroy Blazer  $0.50!


Gap Chino Skirt  $0.50!

At this wonderful Farmer’s Market, they also had a garage sale to benefit a group of six graders earning money for camp.  I scored these amazing pieces for a mere 50 cents each!  Albeit, the blouse has to be worn with something layered underneath, the blazer is snug when buttoned, and the skirt will likely need alterations since it’s quite tight.  I’m still super happy with them for the price.  There’s a few other items too, but they need some alterations, and may not work at all.  Grand total for what I bought (including items not shown): $3.  Take that from my free money, and I’m left with $20 of free money and no ban money.  I think I made out pretty well.

Next week I’ll recap my California trip in full, so stay tuned!


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7 Responses to Shopping Ban: Weeks 9 & 10

  1. Clare says:

    Great finds! That Blu Heaven blouse looks unbelievable on you!


  2. Stefka says:

    Great deals! Love the necklines on the dress and blouse – sooo flattering!


  3. lesa says:

    Wow! Your deals are beyond great, so cute. I am into jewelry lately, so I am really loving the earrings!!


  4. Kristen says:

    That dress is really, really pretty, but I gasped when I saw the Blu Heaven blouse on you. That is PERFECT for you. Wow.

    You do a great job of finding excellent picks with your budget. I am trying to learn from you.


  5. alliedow says:

    Amazing- I love everything you got!!! You are an amazing shopper and fashionista!


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