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Well, folks, I’m beginning to feel like it’s time to really take this blog seriously.  Simple Elegance has mainly been a fun hobby for me, but I want it to be more polished and professional.  I’m starting to work on the beginnings of a book, and I want this blog to become a platform which that book might be launched off of.   I’m also thinking about become a professional shopper/personal stylist on the side, once I find out what training is necessary.  Also, I’d really like to have a url that doesn’t still bear the name of what was originally a crafting blog.  I’d like to have a site that looks good on business cards, that people might want to advertise on.

So, I’m ready for a name change (again).  While I like Simple Elegance, having a double “e” looks sloppy in urls.  Plus, SimpleElegance.com is unavailable, and when I google the name, lots of wedding and interior decorating companies come up, which could be confusing for someone who doesn’t realize that my blog is a style blog and not a wedding blog.

Plus, I want something more original.  Something that still reflects my personal philosophy about style, and something that doesn’t sound like a million other generic blog names.

I am very open to suggestions, because right now I haven’t come up with much.  But the one possibility I do have I like a lot. Here’s a few possibilities I’ve come up with.

Smiles Go With Everything.  This definitely reflects one aspect of my view of style and life.  Nothing bugs me more that sullen faced models wearing gorgeous outfits.  Or women who are absolutely beautiful yet can’t stand the site of themselves and are always depressed and frowning.  Smiles instantly make you look better and more beautiful.  Frowns can make even the best outfits look awful.  And really, I think it’s best to always have a positive outlook on life.  It’s just too short to let all the bad stuff get you down.

Here’s some variations on that idea:

Smiles Are in Style

Smiles Are Chic

Pearls and a smile (because I love to wear classic pieces like pearls) (Never mind, it’s already taken)

Both of those versions have fewer characters, which is often beneficial.

So that’s my only really good idea so far. What do you think of these for a new blog name?  Any other ideas?  Once I buy the domain name, I’ll be sure to make a post before I switch the blog over.


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13 Responses to Looking for a new name

  1. sraikh says:

    I just did this and would highly reccomend it.

    FYI, paying $10 per year for the domain forwarding from wordpress to your own domain is very worth it.
    I havent lost any readers. I also installed googled adsense and got $20 in the first week. Which I know isnt alot but stilll..it will add..:)
    And if Yahoo every profiles my blog, kaching! (one can dream)

    And as for the title, I quite like your suggestion. Good luck,


  2. vintage13 says:

    I like your idea for a new name. It would also make a good book title.

    What about “A Matter of Style” as a possible name?

    Also, don’t forget that hyphens can help you find websites that aren’t taken and make things easier to read.

    Best of luck!


    • Diana says:

      Vintage13: I googled A Matter Of Style, and there are already of lot of websites with that name. I’d rather not have hyphens in the name, because I want something that is memorable enough that if I told someone verbally what my blog name is, they’d be able to write it down correctly.

      Alechia: I’m working on a book about style. It’s in the absolute beginning stages right now.

      Eyeliah: The length is my one major concern with the ideas I’ve had so far. But I like that they’re all memorable.


  3. Sher says:

    Good luck on moving forward with your blog. Mine right now is just a hobby ;D


  4. alliedow says:

    hmmm let me think about it. What?! What book are you writing? I’ll totally help you with that, you know this. I think you should have your own url- you are super talented. Look forward to finding out what you will go with!


  5. eyeliah says:

    good luck with the change, i like the new blog layout too. I don’t know about the name you listed only because of the length. be sure to let us know! 🙂


  6. Michelle says:

    I like Smiles Go With Everything…you might have to come up with a shortened version for the URL, though? smilestyle.com or something?

    Good luck – I just did a similar move myself & I hope that it’s smoother for you than it was for me!


  7. katrina says:

    like michelle, i like smilestyle.com, too. but, i just checked — smilestyle.com is taken. so is smilestyles.com.

    how about:


  8. Diana says:

    smilechic.com is already taken too. But what about SmilesAreChic.com?


  9. katrina says:

    that sounds good. i like these, too, playing on the the french word, tres (very).



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