"All I want is to play"

This outfit made me feel fun and playful all day.  That full Boden skirt is oh-so-fun to twirl in, and wearing the tunic layered underneath the skirt helped me to keep warm while not having a thousand crazy mismatched layers on (which was my original outfit).  Unfortunately, after spending a day in this outfit, I’ve come to accept the fact that this skirt really is a size or two small.  I thrifted it for only a couple of dollars, so I’m not crushed.  It has a small tear, so I can’t really re-sell it on Ebay.  I’m going to see if I can alter it to fit me a bit better.  Otherwise, there is one on Ebay right now at the right size, if I’m willing to spend about $50.  I’ll try altering it first, and then we’ll see.

This outfit also gave me an opportunity to debut my new Dansko Sallys, which the lovely people at Dansko graciously gave to me for free.  These shoes have so many amazing re-mixing possibilities.  They’re very comfy, and I can tell that they’re going to work equally well with dresses/skirts and pants.

I think your clothes should make you feel happy.  If they don’t, then you should find some that do.  It’s not about price so much as it is about what makes you feel good when you wear it.

Blouse: Target (Thrifted)
Skirt: Boden (Thrifted)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Dansko Sally
Scarf: Bought in Chinatown
Belt: Anthropologie
Earrings: Efy Tal
Headband: Target
Bangle: Vintage

Quote: It’s Hard to Be Five, Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell


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15 Responses to "All I want is to play"

  1. Clare says:

    Oh, Diana, I love this! The colors, the patterns, your smile. Everything about this outfit is so happy, and I love that.


  2. Sher says:

    Diana you just glow!


  3. christina says:

    what a great burst of happy for winter!


  4. Sally says:

    The print on that skirt is SUCH fun!


  5. Kim says:

    I love the skirt! I really hope you can make it work for you!


  6. Danielle says:

    SUCH a fun skirt!


  7. Kacie says:

    LOVE this outfit! It all goes together so well. I’m saving it to use for future inspiration for myself. 🙂


  8. nurmisur says:

    That skirt is fun and looks good on you.It doesn’t look small at all.
    And I’m seriously considering to buy one of those shoes , they look cut and extremely confortable.


  9. alliedow says:

    You look so happy! I really love it, and the outfit looks awesome!


  10. vintage13 says:

    What a cute skirt and adorable picture. It really captures a sense of movement and joy.

    The skirt looks like it fits, so don’t give up. You may be able to let out a few of the gathers at the top or perhaps lower down the waist an inch as it seems to get wider in fabric fairly soon.


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  12. Audi says:

    Gorgeous outfit, and you look so happy!


  13. gina says:

    I love this outfit! The skirt is great, and the colors are so fun! The yellow scarf and headband, the blues and greens of the rest. Great!


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