Shopping Ban: Week 19

Just two more weeks and this shopping ban is officially done!  I still haven’t decided exactly what I will be doing in the New Year.  My plan right now is to take the month of January off from any type of ban.  I’ll still have my regular budget, but no restrictions on what I can buy.  I feel like I just need a short break from restrictions to keep from feeling constrained.  Also, I want to take this month to do a super-thorough wardrobe inventory , this time also looking at winter clothes, leisure clothes and work out clothes.

My idea for a possible shopping plan for next year is to try to identify the twenty-two items that I most need, and then buy two items a month for the remaining eleven months of the year.  I would have a set amount that I would be allowed to spend on those two items, but I could buy them anywhere.  I would be emphasizing finding quality pieces that fit real gaps in my wardrobe.  However, part of me worries that I still might feel constrained from the lack of flexibility.

Another possibility is to have another shopping ban focusing on buying second-hand, handmade and local.  I like this idea, because I’d really like to start exploring local boutiques.  It could be blended somewhat with the first idea as well.

The one thing that’s really keeping me from deciding which to go with is my job situation.  I’m working two part time jobs right now, and they are paying my bills alright.  But one of them is grant-funded, and may or may not exist after March.  The other is substitute teaching, which will take a two month break (with no pay) in the summer.  I’m trying to get a full-time, permanent position, but right now I don’t know when that will happen.  If my financial situation changes, for better or worse, my shopping plan will likely change.  Also, I need to start paying off my student loans in February.  So we’ll see – for now I’m not commiting to a new shopping plan/ban yet.

Anyhow, what did I buy this week?  Well it turned out that the beautiful Anthropologie skirt that I ordered last week didn’t fit right, so I took it back.  I think that I just don’t like the way fly-front skirts fit.  That brings my free money back to $57.50.  I bought a pair of heather gray Hue tights while returning the skirt at Anthro, spending $12.50 in free money.  That leaves me with $45 in free money.

To make up for not getting a nice, casual skirt that fit, I found something that I think should work better on Ebay:

Ann Taylor LOFT Denim Skirt  $14 on Ebay

Since I’ve figured out that I don’t like how fly front skirts look on me, I went ahead and bought this side zipper denim skirt on Ebay.  Hopefully, it will work out better for me.  Since it’s second-hand, that’s $14 from my ban money.

I also managed to luck out and find my green Boden skirt I wore the other day in a larger size.  While my skirt looks cute in pictures, it really doesn”t fit very well.  The lining is always riding up.  I found it on Ebay in a larger size, made an offer for $30, and got it!  I think this one will fit a lot better.  That uses up the remaining $25 in ban money, plus $5 of the free money.

I also managed to get some awesome stuff this week without spending money.

I had some giveaway luck:

Ugg Dakota Moccasins

A few weeks ago, I won an Ugg giveaway over at Pomegranate and Patchouli.  I originally wanted to get the Classic Cardi boots or the Short Uggs, but the prize was a $100 credit towards a pair of Uggs on Shopbop.  I would have had to spend extra money to get either of those boots, and that’s money that I just don’t have right now.  So I opted for these fantastic slippers, and I adore them.  My feet always get cold around the house at night, but not with these babies on!

I had a trip to Revolve Clothing Exchange this past week as well.  I had brought in some items, and I had a good bit of store credit.  So I got: two t-shirts (including the one I wore yesterday), a skirt, a headband, a pair of earrings and a brooch, all without spending a dime!  I love exchange stores.

Hue Tights from Anthro, Headband, Earrings and Brooch from Revolve

Mix Noveau Skirt

Gap Striped Tee

So after all that, I still have $40 in free money and no ban money.  Two more weeks to go!


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  1. Clare says:

    The Mix Noveau skirt just screams “Diana” to me. Sal can vouch for this; when we were shopping at the Mexican Shop in Evanston a few months ago, I found this GORGEOUS kelly green shirt that for some reason just reminded me of you. I’ve been meaning to tell you that since then! Anyway, love this skirt!


  2. i used to go to revolve sometimes when i lived in the area, but i never found anything. you got so much cute stuff that i think i need to try again!


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