Year in Review: October, November, December

On the last day of the year, I’m looking back at the past three months and how my style has changed.


Hello, Fall

October was not an easy month.  I lost my kitty, who I’d had for seventeen years.  I struggled to accept my financial situation.  But there were plenty of bright spots.  The weather finally started to turn cooler.  I had my trip to California, which was fun and refreshing.  I ventured into a local boutique for the first time and bought an awesome dress.  And I decided to get bangs, and loved it.


Urban Bohemian

November was fun.  I began to play around with urban bohemian styles, and realized  having bohemian aspects in my look wasn’t so bad.  I realized that I adore pencil skirts when I dressed like a secretary from Mad Men and when I played around with current trends.  I bought beautiful, sweet pieces at garage sales and mixed them in with more expensive items.  And I started planning a new name for the blog.


Where the Wild Wind Whirled (post coming soon!)

December has been a fantastic month of layering, warm woolen knits, and boots.  I re-invented the blog with a new name.   I began experimenting with new photoshoot locations.  I played with color, and loved my yellow scarf.  I broke my ban to buy my beautiful Fluevog Heather boots.  Because I’m about a week behind on my outfit posts, my favorite December outfits won’t post until next week.  But I’ll give you a few quick Flickr previews here – click on the photos for more info about the outfits.

Lined up to buy his creations (post coming soon!)


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6 Responses to Year in Review: October, November, December

  1. eyeliah says:

    Those blue boots are a dream!! I feel like my style has changed so much since I started in ’07. I’ve been working on a post(slowly but surely)…… Happy New Year Diana!


  2. alliedow says:

    Awesome pairings for you this year! You are doing splendidly with outfits that meet the cold weather, well for Florida anyway. Ha! I love the boots, and the leggings, and you’ve helped me so much with style! Thanks and Happy New Year!


  3. Real Me says:

    Happy New Year!


  4. Love December’s! Hope you have a great New Year!


  5. Sher says:

    I’ve enjoyed your recap over the last few days. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!


  6. Retro Chick says:

    I love that blue top with the brown belt, it looks fantastic on you!


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