"At least try to act cool"

This beautiful Boden sweater vest was one of the last items I purchased during my recent shopping ban.  And I adore it.  More and more I am falling in love with Boden and their beautiful, colorful clothes.  But they’re so expensive that they’re often out of my price range.  However, I’ve found that buying them second-hand on Ebay can work, if you’re willing to be flexible.  Once I’m in a better place financially, I plan on buying a lot from this company.

This vest had perfect timing too, because only a few days after I got it in the mail, Florida began experiencing a cold spat (meaning temps in the 40s, which is really cold for us).  Nothing like a cozy wool vest to keep you warm when the temps drop.

I wore this for a trip to visit family on the weekend.  I wanted to be warm and casual, but not frumpy.  Flats are a must for chasing after toddlers.

And here you can see the detail on my Fetching mitts.  I knitted these a long time ago and they continue to be excellent at keeping my hands warm on chilly days.  I actually don’t own a pair of leather gloves, mostly because I rarely need them.  Still, I’d like to change that, when I can find a pretty pair that’s affordable.

Oh, I’ve realized now that canvas does not keep your feet warm.  I ended up changing into leather boots later that day to keep my toes from freezing.

Coat: Target
Long Sleeve: Gap (garage sale)
Vest: Boden (Ebay)
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors
Scarf: Kohls
Bag: Timbuk2
Mitts: Fetching (handknit by me)
Ring: from my mom

Quote: The Homework Machine, by Dan Gutman


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22 Responses to "At least try to act cool"

  1. Clare says:

    Oh, this outfit is so perfect! The Chucks are great in that color, and I love how you made that gorgeous Boden vest more casual for your family outing.

    Stay warm! I hope all your oranges don’t freeze; I sure like my Florida OJ up here in Chicago!


  2. Stefka says:

    Fantastic vest! (When your photo popped up on screen I actually said “wow!”) I find myself gravitating towards brighter colors and combinations so much more than even a year ago. I’ve also been visually enjoying the inspirations of Boden outfits, and will check out e-bay options like you suggest!


  3. Oh, that vest is just adorable! You have also made me miss canvas tennies, but they just can’t hold up in the cold and snow.


  4. Denise says:

    Cute outfit- great gloves and you look good in hi-tops!


  5. Sally says:

    OK, jealous a little. I’ve been lusting after a Boden sweater vest for ages, and that one is FANTASTIC!!


  6. gina says:

    Love the sweater vest! I love the blue top that you paired it with and the brown chucks. Such a fun colorful look.


  7. Audi says:

    Oh, that vest is just adorable! What a great way to brighten up a wintery day. I love the mitts — I knitted the Dashing version for my BF, and they’ve become a winter staple for him.


  8. Danielle says:

    That is the coolest vest I’ve ever seen!!!!!! 🙂


  9. gail says:

    love your bag with this outfit. and your whole outfit rocks!


  10. Struggler says:

    I’m a huge Boden fan but I agree, they’re certainly not cheap. I take comfort that they often do free shipping & returns offers, so at least I can try something a little risky and then send it back.


  11. ShopKim says:

    That vest is so cool and I love how you’ve worn it! The color combination is a great one.


  12. Real Me says:

    I think my pc ate my comment. If not, just toss this one.

    You look great! I really love the sweater.


  13. Converse really do NOT keep your feet warm at all. And yet, I can’t stop wearing them every day. What is wrong with me??? lol


  14. Goober says:

    Boden! I love everything in their catalog, their prices I don’t love.

    I adore your vest – so freaking cute!


  15. EmilyCC says:

    I LOVE the colors in this outfit.

    And, I keep popping over to the Boden website, but also find it too pricey. Thanks for the Ebay suggestion!


  16. bluerose says:

    Gorgeous vest. Knitted dots! And thanks for the comment.


  17. Emily says:

    Can you say ADORABLE???? What a great look!


  18. Anusha says:

    I *heart* that vest! How beautiful for a cold day. 🙂


  19. alliedow says:

    I love it!!! Amazing, and i love that vest. Wonderful…. let’s talk about how I’m going to Ireland in May. I need your help!!!


  20. Rose @ fromsneakerstostilettos says:

    I love that sweater vest! How cute and original!!


  21. katrina says:

    boden rocks. they have fun geometric prints — like your vest. love the combination with your baby blue sweater and your brown kicks. really cute.


  22. Jenn says:

    Love, love, love that vest! Great look.


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