"A Sunny, Sweet Smile"

Oh how I love Ebay!  I’ve been longing to own some J. Crew cashmere pretty much since I became aware of its existence, but their sweaters tend to retail at $150 plus a pop, so they’ve been out of my graduate and now post-graduate-still-searching-for-a-permanent-job budget.  But it didn’t dawn on me until recently to simply look for one second-hand on Ebay.  I scored this gorgeous sunshine beauty for a mere $50!  And it is the softest, most luxurious thing I have ever owned.  The color is so fantastic.  This has quickly elevated itself to a new wardrobe staple for me.

Wearing items of good quality does something to you.  Having soft, comfortable fabrics close to the skin just makes you feel so good.  I think that every one should own at least one 100% cashmere item.

This outfit, by the way, is also what I decided to wear to Eyeliah‘s virtual birthday party.  Nothing like a pretty dress and a sunny cashmere cardigan for dancing the night away, virtually or otherwise.

Dress: Ella Moss (via My Mosh Posh)
Cardigan: J Crew (Ebay)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Clarks Apple Sky
Purse: Morelle Oyster
Pearls: Coryell Design
Watch: Target

Quote: Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? (Classic Seuss) By Dr Seuss


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19 Responses to "A Sunny, Sweet Smile"

  1. lisa says:

    Love the color combo


  2. Shybiker says:

    Nice elements which all come together. And the final touch of the pearls is perfect!


  3. Somehow I have been missing your posts – nice to have you pop up again! That yellow cardigan is just wonderful.
    Last week I saw a black & white handbag, and considered buying it, but didn’t.
    Now that I’ve seen your B&W dress, I wish I’d bought the bag.
    I love eBay too – but for selling.


  4. This is one of my fave looks of yours yet, darling! Love the layers, and that dress is gorgeous on you!



  5. evanadine says:

    this dress is just amazing. i have been drooling over stripes on several blogs now, and i love the added ruffling at the neckline of this dress. thumbs up!


  6. Sally says:

    You look radiant, doll!


  7. Kirafashion says:

    Lovely stripes!!!!!!


  8. Kristen says:

    I really like the way this outfit came together – the silhouette, the colors, the fabrics. Its beautiful! Nice job!


  9. Real Me says:

    Gorgeous! I love the warmth of the sunny color. Looks great on you.


  10. Excellent idea to get one from eBay! I’ve never owned anything cashmere but I might just have to take a look. Love the yellow with the b&w.


  11. elledee says:

    cute cute top!


  12. Piper says:

    Love the color – can’t get enough of yellow lately! And I’m with you…always loving the cashmere at j crew – but too expensive! why didn’t i think of ebay? thanks for the idea!


  13. I’ve gotta say, that dress is FANTASTIC!


  14. Chelsea says:

    What a fabulous dress! Love it with the cardi. Take care!


  15. Kyla says:

    I’m jealous of your new cardigan and it looks amazing with that dress! Well played!


  16. qin says:

    Nice yellow cardi ❤


  17. Elyse, The Style Rider says:

    Such a pretty Cardigan on you!

    check out my blog!


  18. gina says:

    Beautiful sweater. Sharp dress. I own a few silk and cashmere blend sweaters, and they are nice and soft and great to wear.


  19. Jenn says:

    Perfect outfit! Love it!


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