"Snuggles right down underneath the bedclothes”

This outfit came together quite nicely.  I was still feeling a bit run-down from my cold, so this outfit became all about warmth and comfort.  I wanted soft, comfortable fabrics all around.  Physically, all I felt like wearing were pajamas pants and a cozy hoodie, but that won’t exactly fly at work.  Combining leggings with a jersey dress, flat boots, a nice soft long-sleeve tee, and a cozy scarf wrapped around the neck made for the perfect formula of feeling comfortable while still presentable.

I really love how my hair is looking lately.  At the end of December, I went to a styling class at the salon I go to.  At the class, everyone got to sit down one-on-one with a stylist and learn how to style their hair at home.  I never really understood the concept of styling my hair with a round brush and blow dryer before, but now I’m addicted.  I feel like I can finally achieve the look that I want my hair to have.

Oh, and I continue to adore these boots.  My nephew told me that he liked them too because they’re his favorite color.  Blogger tested, toddler approved.

Dress (as skirt): Express
Long Sleeve Tee: Apt 9 (Kohls)
Leggings: Target
Boots: Fluevog Heather (Ebay)
Scarf: Target
Necklace: Chocolate Cake Jewels
Belt: Thrifted
Earrings: Efy Tal

Quote: How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague


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16 Responses to "Snuggles right down underneath the bedclothes”

  1. Kyla says:

    This looks great and look how tiny your waist is! That salon sounds seriously cool! What a great workshop.


  2. Shybiker says:

    Killer boots!

    And, yes, your hair looks professionally styled. It’s great to learn useful skills like that.


  3. I think this is one of your best outfits ever! I love those boots!


  4. What a very cool thing for the salon to do! That’s always my problem – doing the do at home. Beautiful outfit! I love the pops of blue with the black/white/gray.


  5. Amy says:

    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! I love the floral black white skirt with those adorable teal boots. Very well put together! 🙂

    So glad you are feeling better.


    P.S. I am sorry I haven’t visited before, I just find out you had a blog through The Closet of Kim. I am sorry, sometimes I am really dense. I have you on my blogroll, so I will be back real soon. 🙂


  6. Kirafashion says:

    I love your blue boots!!!! I also adore the belted style…I am crazy belts! You look lovely :))))


  7. kpeach says:

    love the touch of blue xx


  8. Emily says:

    What a great outfit! Me likey!


  9. Sally says:

    Those boots really are amazing – and they add such a great splash of color to this outfit.


  10. Looooove those boots, gorgeous!



  11. Kelly says:

    Man I hope I can find a class like that near me! I do use a roundbrush sometimes when I’m blowing my hair out, but I think in general I’m sort of hair-dumb.


  12. gail says:

    love that class idea—wish they had something here in boise, who knows maybe they do?

    love the black and white with the blue. never thot i would, but your blue is gorgeous. and toddler approved color—you ROCK!


  13. Struggler says:

    Love the comfy look and how I wish blow-drying classes were a national thing!


  14. kateohkatie says:

    I LOVE this outfit! You combine colors & neutrals so well 🙂

    That class sounds great…wonder if they have something similar in my neck of the woods? Hmm….


  15. Carol says:

    Very nice, slimming look!


  16. Chelsea S. says:

    this outfit is just awesome! love the touches of blue with the black/white outfit.

    and your hair is awesome! I wish I was in tampa so I could go to that workshop… blowdrying with a roundbrush is way hard for me for some reason… I always feel like I’m doing it wrong!


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