“Smart people are those who have asked lots of questions”

In my high school days, I was drawn to preppy styles.  I liked button-down shirts and polos, even though a majority of my wardrobe was jeans and t-shirts.  I’m not that into the prep-school look anymore, but on occasion, I like to take cues from it.  When I saw this lovely striped cashmere sweater on Ebay selling at a mere $20, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve already planned several outfits with it.  It’s delightfully soft and quite flattering.

Because I didn’t want this outfit to be an overload of blue, I added the goldenrod brooch and bracelet to break things up.  I definitely need to get a lot more brooches.

What styles were you drawn to in high school?  Do you still like them now?

Sweater: J Crew (Ebay)
Camisole: Gap
Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT (Ebay)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Dansko Sally
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Brooch: via Revolve
Earrings: Modern Bird
Bangle: Vintage (via Sherry’s Yesterdaze)

Quote: The Rag Coat, by Lauren Mills


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16 Responses to “Smart people are those who have asked lots of questions”

  1. Tracy says:

    In high school, I had five different colors of Chuck Taylors and one pair of Doc Martens (for dress occasions). I had flannel shirts in every color. I was a grungy mess and I am NOT drawn to that grossness, at all!


  2. When I was in high school I like very cute styles, like Peter Pan collars, tiny tucks, lace trim. Now I know I am really too old and I truly prefer things that are much plainer.
    However, I go to a number of fashion events (for my website) and I am amazed at the number of 40+ women who still wear ‘little girl’ style clothes.
    We all need a magic mirror – or a critical friend – about once every year.
    I like your idea of yellow to lift blue !


  3. qin says:

    Stripes look perfect 😀


  4. This sweater is fantastic! I really want more horizontal stripes in my life right now.

    In high school I wasn’t a goth, but I was drawn to a lot of black and leather.


  5. Sally says:

    Adding the golden yellow touches was brilliant, and I just adore that sparkly brooch!

    My high school stylings were all about flannel and overalls, so I don’t think I’ll ever go back. 😉


  6. Iva says:

    such a cute sweater and brooch!! you look great!! Have a great Wednesday!! YAY!!!


  7. gail says:

    i saw your photo and the first thing that came to mind was :i could wear that!” i’m trying to weave skirts back into my wardrobe and i love this look.

    i wore alot of black in high school. or black and khaki. my fav style when i was a freshman or sophmore was a black turtleneck, khaki pants tucked into black boots. have no idea if that was in style or not at the time but i loved it!


  8. Very pretty sweater! I like the 3/4 sleeves on it. Very cool brooch too. I wore a uniform in high school so I didn’t have a ton of clothes, but I was mostly drawn to jeans/sweater or shorts/t-shirt type of look. Hardly ever wore dresses or skirts.


  9. Kelly says:

    First of all that pin is soooo pretty.

    I don’t know how to describe my style in high school. It was sort of just all sorts of stuff I liked mashed together – Hot Topic and halter tops and wide leg red pants with vintage tees. I cringe look back at some of it but hey, I felt awesome at the time!


  10. Chelsea S. says:

    having gone to prep school, I was all about the prep style, but slightly rebellious about it. my school dress code was very strict (no sneakers, jeans, tank tops, shorts, sandals, etc.), so I bent the rules were I could… usually wearing too-short skirts, jack purcells, and lower-than-they-would-prefer cut tops. These days I do like the preppy look on occasion, but go for more girly-chic.

    Love the brooch and bracelet with that sweater… perfect accessorizing!


  11. Becky says:

    Pretty brooch! Umm, I always dressed a little older when I was in high school. I was the girl wearing skirts when everyone else is wearing jeans…and I’m still that girl!


  12. eyeliah says:

    $20 cashmere is an auto yes for sure and it is in good shape too.


  13. Jen says:

    I, too, was a preppy high school dresser. I was also pretty crazy about skirts, but have not really worn them since. Maybe I should take a cue from your cue (hehe) for inspiration!

    Love your tights+shoes combo. I vow to branch out and try it!


  14. Real Me says:

    I can barely remember high school…lol. Joking — I was the 80’s child. I even had a pair of white painters pants with flourescent green and yellow splashes. yikes!

    What I do still love is the big jewelry.


  15. I was a sweatshirt girl in high school. I can’t remember dressing up until midway through college, and I am so glad I started.

    Love the brooch. Adds the perfect touch to a monochromatic outfit. You look super cute!


  16. Audi says:

    I adore preppy styles NOW, but in high school I wouldn’t have been caught dead in them. I metamorphosed through heavy metal, punk rock, and finally psychadelic/mod. Then the 90’s came and I basically just dressed like crap.


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