“If you want to have fun without worry”

For several weeks, I thought I had lost this cardigan.  I searched all over the house, checked the lost and found box at work, but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.  Then one day, I remembered that I had recently moved my handknits to a different drawer while reorganizing my studio.  What a relief!  Nothing feels much worse than thinking you lost a cardigan that took you a few months to knit.

Finding my cardigan gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new belt that I got at Anthropologie last weekend.  I think I’m one of those types who likes to wear new things right away.  I’m really, really happy with this belt.  It filled a definite gap in my wardrobe, and I can tell it’s going to get plenty of use.

I’m really beginning to love wearing scarves tied up like this.  They keep my neck nice and cozy, and they still allow me to add an additional pop of color with a long necklace.  In this outfit, I echoed the color of the necklace by wearing a turquoise bracelet.  I really love mixing yellow and pale blue/turquoise.

Do you like to wear new things right away? Or do you prefer to save new items for a special occasion?

Long sleeve tee: Issac Mizrahi for Target
Cardigan: Minimalist, handknit by me
Jeans: Express
Boots: Dansko Nena (via Ebay)
Belt: Anthropologie
Necklace: Chocolate Cake Jewels
Scarf: Bought in Chinatown, NYC
Purse: Morelle Charlotte
Bracelet: ??, gift

Quote: Don’t Take Your Snake for a Stroll, by Karin Ireland


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18 Responses to “If you want to have fun without worry”

  1. That cardi is yummy! I’m so glad it turned back up!

    I have been missing my black pencil skirt for a couple of months now. I have searched high and low. I keep hoping it will turn back up….


  2. Danielle says:

    Great sweater and lovin how you tied the scarf!
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..Over my Long Weekend…. =-.


  3. Sally says:

    I adore those turquoise accents.
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..Accessory Organization on the Cheap =-.


  4. Kristin says:

    Oh, I’m definitely a wear-it-right-away kind of gal! Case in point: I’m already wearing the shoes and pin that joined my wardrobe yesterday :o)

    This outfit is lovely – I love how the yellow scarf and tan shoes brighten the whole look! The cardigan is superb! Thank goodness you found it. (Isn’t it funny when we outsmart ourselves like that?)

    I’m a newish reader of your blog, and I just wanted to let you know that I sure do smile when I read your stuff!


  5. EvaNadine says:

    i am definitely the kind of person who wants to wear something as soon as i buy it — i am so excited to have something new, i wanna try it out and show it off! my fiance makes fun of me for it, but i still do it!


  6. tatyana says:

    bracelet is amazing…
    .-= tatyana´s last blog ..like a flower… =-.


  7. Love this combo, darling D!
    The scarf is especially fab!

    .-= Couture Carrie´s last blog ..In the Pink =-.


  8. The Real Me says:

    Love your cardigan. Nothing feels as good as wearing something you knit yourself.

    I usually like to wear new things right away unless they were purchased for a special event.


  9. Kelly says:

    That cardi is adorable! I can’t believe you made it!

    I don’t have a set pattern – I’ll wear something new right away if the occasion calls for it, but I’m OK waiting a while for the perfect opportunity!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..against your better judgement =-.


  10. k says:

    love your minimalist – that’s been in my queue for awhile. i like the grey and yellow mix a lot.

    i’m definitely one to wear new stuff right away – what’s the point in buying it if it’s just going to disappear into your closet?
    .-= k´s last blog ..yesterday, today, tomorrow? =-.


  11. I’m so glad you found the cardi! That must have been a huge relief. I really love how you paired the yellow and turquoise with this – it’s a great combination. I’m definitely one of those people that likes to wear my new things as quickly as possible.
    .-= Kim, The Closet of Kim´s last blog ..Keeping My Sunshine =-.


  12. tiffany says:

    incredibly impressed that you made that gorgeous cardi!

    I’m kinda half and half with my new stuff. sometimes I wear it right away and other times I just leave it in my closet until I forget about it and then months later I’ll be like “when did I buy this?” LOL. I need to do a better job of remembering what I buy.


  13. girlxoxo says:

    You’re so talented!


  14. you have a way with neutrals and a pop of color… love this yellow on you, and congrats on finding the sweater! love when that happens.
    .-= alltumbledown´s last blog ..Finally, Tights That Aren’t Black =-.


  15. Clare says:

    I’m definitely one of those shoppers that ferrets things away in the closet when I get home and don’t wear them for days, weeks, even months. It’s weird. I adore this cardi, and I’m so glad you didn’t lose it!!
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..Don’t You Run So Fast =-.


  16. Megan says:

    I *have* to wear anything new right away. Especially shoes. When it’s not snowy, sometimes I wear new shoes home from the store.


  17. Kelly says:

    Wow! That is one loved cardigan! Haha, I TOTALLY understand your excitement for being with it again. When you love an article of clothing, you just LOVE IT. Glad to see you smiling again!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Top 5 Posing and Directing Photography Tips =-.


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