Shopping Plan: Weeks 16 & 17

*Weeks 16 & 17 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

So when we last left off, I had $9 left for the month of May.  And, um, I went over.  A good bit.  Here’s what I bought:

Boden Starburst Dress, $20 on eBay

So, I admit it: I pretty much have no self-control when I see a Boden dress in my size for under $35.  Thus I added one more to my collection last week, even though it put me over budget.  The print is lovely, although the fabric is slightly more clingy than my other Boden dresses.  It’s uber comfortable and light, so I’ll be wearing it a lot.

Now, after going over by $11, you’d think I would stop shopping right?  Well, follow my twisted logic.  I tried on a pair of $100 black straight leg jeans at Anthro that were beautiful, except for the fact that the rise was much lower than I prefer, and they had a slight polyester content.  I then headed over to Levis and found jeans that fit similarly, but were made from organic cotton with a touch of spandex.  These jeans were also on sale for $40.  In my weird logic, I decided that it was okay for me to buy these jeans, since I would be “saving” $60.  Also, black straight leg jeans have been on my gaps list for a long time.

Levis 552 Straight Leg Jeans, on sale for $40

Was this purchase justified?  Well, I guess that depends on how you look at things.  I’m not beating myself up over it, but I haven’t done any shopping since then, and I’m trying to shift into a minimal shopping mindset, since money will be tight this summer.

I went over by $51 in May, so I’m deducting that from June’s budget.  Since I’m not working my regular job over the summer, I’m taking my budget back down to $125 a month.  So, I’ll only have $74 to spend in the month of June.  I’m hoping to start getting more creative with my sewing and re-coning, and also to explore some new thrift and consignment shops to save money.  We’ll see how it goes.


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9 Responses to Shopping Plan: Weeks 16 & 17

  1. alechia says:

    Haha, first off you really wanted that Boden dress as I recall, and next, I LOVE YOUR black straight legs. LOVE THEM. So really it was all worth it, and yeah limiting your budget is never fun (I know, I just moved to New York) but eventually you’ll be able to spend again! Good luck!
    .-= alechia´s last blog ..Cobbler + New England Slump Mashup =-.


  2. I love that Boden dress!


  3. Amy says:

    Ooooh love the Boden dress, and the jeans are definitely justified…they look gorgeous 😀
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Ingredients for a successful Sunday =-.


  4. Jen says:

    I am in love with that second outfit on you! Totally okay for you to go over buying those jeans (and dress!).


  5. lesa says:

    I LOVE your logic. And the dress is beautiful! Here is what I did to justify my purchases. I bought my groceries at Target, threw in a little cardigan, a purse and some velvet hangers….all necessities, right?


  6. eyeliah says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous, totally worth it!


  7. MarchMusings says:

    Oooh, the style and colour of the dress totally justify going over-budget. The cost-per-wear of the dress and jeans are what will matter, I think. 🙂


  8. qin says:

    Love the print 🙂


  9. Kristin says:

    That Boden frock was a most excellent purchase. LOVE!


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