Summer 2010: How I Plan to Not Get Bored

Clearwater Beach, photo by me

Lovely title for my grand summer plan, no?  As I’ve been mentioning over the past few days, I’ve been working on coming up with a plan for the summer.  I’m a middle school media specialist (librarian), so I get the summers off.  I don’t really have much money saved up this year, since I didn’t get this job until March, so money is very tight.  I’m trying to find a part time job for the next nine weeks, but there aren’t a lot of prospects right now.  So, I’ve put together a plan that will make good use of my free time while spending as little money as possible.  The plan has four main elements: getting organized, catching up on crafting, being green while caring for my spirit and mind and preparing for the next school year.  Here’s my list of projects I’ve come up with:

Getting Organized

  • Clean out file cabinets
  • Clean out storage closet
  • Sell stuff I don’t need on eBay
  • Consign clothes I don’t wear
  • Clean and re-organize craft studio
  • Join Freecycle

The idea here is to clear out the junk I don’t need, simplify my life, and organized the stuff I do need  This will help to make my home a lot more peaceful, since I won’t have junk lying all over the place.  I might make a trip to IKEA to buy a few things to help with the organization, but first I’m going to try to get these things (like a file cabinet) on Freecycle.

Catching up on Crafting

  • Spin up my fiber stash
  • Knit up my yarn stash
  • Sew up my fabric stash
  • Work on re-con projects

My plan here is to work on using up the craft supplies I already have before buying new ones.  I have more than enough yarn to last me through the summer, and I have enough fabric for quite a few projects.  I might make a few purchases for special projects that I don’t have the supplies for yet (like an insulated lunch box), but for the most part, my focus here is to play with the toys (and supplies) that I already have.

Being green while caring for my spirit and mind

  • Ride my bike a lot
  • Research topics I’m interested in at the public library
  • Cook one new recipe every week
  • Hike
  • Practice yoga
  • Take more pictures

I realize this is kind of a broad topic, but all these things go together in my mind.  Since money will be tight, I’m going to try to use my bicycle as a mode of transportation more this summer.  The public library is within easy biking distance from my house, so I’ll be riding there a lot to get books on topics I want to learn more about this summer (organic gardening, cookbooks, etc).  I used to hike trails at the local parks a lot, but I haven’t been on a day hike in a long time, so I’d like to do that some this summer.  I just started practicing yoga a few months ago, so I want to keep that up, and try new styles of yoga.  This will require some spending, but I planned that into my budget already.  I also want to get back into photography, and work on taking more artistic photos.

Preparing for the next school year

  • Read as much teen lit as I can
  • Write reviews on LibraryThing
  • Read Library Science literature
  • Attend work trainings
  • Prepare materials for next year

Even though I’m not working at my job these next nine weeks, that doesn’t mean I can’t work on things related to my job.  I’m going to read as much teen literature as possible this summer.  The Twilight series, our district’s Battle of the Books, The Lightening Thief, etc.  I’m writing up reviews on LibraryThing so that I can remember what I’ve read when I’m asked for recommendations by teachers and students.  I’ll be reading Library Science literature about middle school libraries to help me plan for next year.  I’ll be attending a couple of work trainings (some of which I get paid for).  And I’ll be working on some materials for next year, including writing questions for the Battle of the Books competition that the school district does every year.

So with all that planned, hopefully I can keep myself busy for the next nine weeks without going broke.  I’ll be keeping you updated 🙂


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12 Responses to Summer 2010: How I Plan to Not Get Bored

  1. It sounds like an ambitious but doable plan for the summer! Good luck! I’ll be curious to hear your take on Freecycle. I have friends who love it, and friends who absolutely despise it.


  2. Aquarijenn says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I’m constantly striving to reduce the clutter in my home. I belong to our local Freecycle network and really love it. I’ve given away computer monitors, toys, an old futon and children’s clothes. I’ve not managed to get anything good, yet, but I don’t want for much. 🙂 My 10yo dd devoured the Percy Jackson books and is currently reading Eragon. Don’t forget about the classics, too: Jane Austen (and not the zombie ones), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, etc. Have a fun summer!


  3. Piper says:

    9 weeks sounds like heaven to me :)! It’s quite an ambitious list – but lots of cool things in there so that will keep it fun! I always have organize on my list…and somehow I never get to it 🙂 I’ll be curious to see how you do!
    .-= Piper´s last blog ..{shake it up – week 24 scoop} =-.


  4. Chandra says:

    I’m thankful for my 9 weeks off from teaching second grade, and will use my time to prepare for the 9 months or so after these 9 weeks are over! 🙂

    I’m so excited for the 2010/11 school year, and I’m planning on reading, planning, and thinking up fantastic new ways to teach a new batch of students!

    I found your blog via Nina over at Alltumbledown!



  5. Jenn says:

    Sounds like there’s a lot to keep you occupied here, which I imagine is a good thing. A lot of these things are (or should be, anyway) on my list, but most of the focus right now is on my dissertation. I’ll get to it someday, and kudos to you for planning it all out and going for it.


  6. eyeliah says:

    Great plans!! I hope you get that part time job too, but it sounds like you’d be busy (although broke) even without it. I would like to make a list it will include… Bard on the Beach, watching all 4 Firework display nights, going to atleast 2 outdoor concerts and 1 music festival, 2 camping trips, a weekend in Whistler or Tofino, atleast a dozen and a half trips to the beach, skydiving, zip lining and ….. that sounds good 🙂 Thanks!


  7. Clare says:

    I love these. This is total inspiration for my attempts to simplify and prioritize my life. Bookmarking this post….now. 🙂
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..Go by Twos through Life’s Mysteries =-.


  8. Elaine says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Having structure is a good thing when you don’t have a job to go to every day. Even though you may not complete everything on your list, you can carry over what doesn’t get done. And it sounds like there’s at least the possibility of some part-time work.


  9. katrina says:

    your list is boredom-proof! this is on mhy list: “Cook one new recipe every week” — i’m trying to break my addiction from pre-made food from Trader Joe’s.


  10. alechia says:

    That is quite an awesome list there lady!! Good luck with it and everything. Let me know about your recipes!
    .-= alechia´s last blog ..The ESDB June Burger Hootenanny! =-.


  11. gail says:

    looks like a great plan! i like how you divided it up into categories. i think i may have to write something down like this. today i’ve been researching free concerts and activities in portland oregon that my son and i can do together.
    .-= gail´s last blog ..Summertime, Summertime =-.


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