“I’d like otters to be friendly”

Ah, the perils of Florida summer dressing.  Outside, it is blisteringly hot and humid.  Inside, air conditioners are running at full capacity, making it freezing  As I’ve said before, with weather like this, layers are key.  I was attending some work trainings last week, and I had no idea how cold the building they were in might be, so I came prepared.  I had on a sleeveless blouse, and wore a cardigan and a light silk scarf for some extra warmth.  As it turned out, the A/C wasn’t working very well, so I ditched the layers inside.  But I’m telling you, if I hadn’t, the A/C probably would have been freezing.  I always prefer to be prepared for anything.

There’s nothing I love more than a soft, drapey outfit.  Lately, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to comfy, flowing outfits.  Maybe it’s just the vibe they give off, or maybe it’s because I’ve been practicing yoga more, and I’m really loving clothes that allow for a full range of motion.  Either way, I’m lovin’ this outfit.

Random note: Isn’t it awesome how my scarf and shoes match?  I was so excited when I realized this 🙂

Do you prefer drapey garments, and or structured styles more your thing?

Blouse: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Keen Sienna Mary Janes (via eBay)
Scarf: Ann Taylor
Purse: Axcess by Liz Claiborne (thrifted)
Earrings: Wish by Felicity

Quote: Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners, by Laurie Keller


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7 Responses to “I’d like otters to be friendly”

  1. Shybiker says:

    Yup, the difference between inside (A/C) and outside heat can be extreme and, without planning, quite uncomfortable.
    Love the matching scarf and shoes!


  2. Sally says:

    That boysenberry purple is fabulous on you, lady!


  3. alechia says:

    I love LOVE love those shoes and the color really pops on you! Fantastic!


  4. laniza says:

    Sal is right–boysenberry purple is definitely your color! How do you find such awesome colorful shoes on ebay? I’m assuming you have searches saved?


  5. Clare says:

    The color combo in this outfit is so perfect, and I just love those shoes!


  6. The first thing that I noticed about this outfit was that the shoes and scarf match perfectly! I’m loving the shape of your pixie these days!


  7. Ana says:

    Your scarf is just amazing:)
    And I really loved it how you paired it with the shoes:)

    Have a great weekend:)


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