“Comic, tragic or melodramatic”

This outfit has me believing that tunics and leggings may be my favorite look ever.  Comfortable, effortlessly stylish, practical: this combination has all my favorite elements.  In fact, wearing this outfit inspired me to re-con my tunic that I posted on Tuesday.  I’m definitely on the lookout for more fantastic and stylish tunics, and I’m also taking a look at my closet for ways that I can re-construct some of my garments to make them work with leggings.

The only thing that I don’t like about the leggings/tunic combo is that it can be a bit limiting.  Sure, you can wear different colored leggings.  You can layer cardigans and scarves (when it’s not 90 degrees outside).  You can change some accessories, add belts, necklaces, boots, etc.  Well, maybe it’s not that limiting after all.  I guess I just find it harder to accessorize when it’s so hot out.  I’ll have to challenge myself to find lots of ways to remix my tunics.

What about you?  Do you love leggings/tunic combos in the summer?

Tunic: Forever 21 (via Revolve)
Leggings: Target
Sandals: Dansko Sela (via eBay)
Purse: Morelle Truffle
Cuff: via Classy Consignment
Necklace: Kira Ferrer

Quote: Sylvia Jean, Drama Queen, by Lisa Campbell Ernst


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4 Responses to “Comic, tragic or melodramatic”

  1. I love the bag with this! I actually tend to avoid leggings in the summer. They just make me feel like I’m constantly sweltering.


  2. Franca says:

    Tunic and leggings don’t suit me at all, I need more coverage on my thighs but I do like wearing them around the house. I love your tunic here!


  3. alechia says:

    I love this on you- very playful and the red bag adds so much fun!


  4. Katie says:

    I love the look of Tunics and leggings!I love leg coverage because I’m not the biggest fan of my legs, but it has to be one of my fav looks as well. It is soooo hot here (Clearwater area) I find it so hard to ever look cute. I’m constantly sweating. ughh. only about 4 more months until comfortable weather conditions lol. but yes. This look looks great on you! Love that tunic!


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