Shopping Plan: Week 25

*Week 25 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

Bz Yellow Quartz Earrings from The Peach Tree $15

After last week, I had $32 left in my budget for July.  I received my Boden items in the mail this past week, but unfortunately they didn’t fit.  I’m going to sell them on eBay (because Boden charges a fee to return items and I won’t get my shipping back, selling them on eBay actually gets me more money).  Since I’m not keeping them, I can add back $52 to my July budget.  So, I have $84 available.

The only thing I bought this last week was the above earrings.  I’ve bought from The Peach Tree before, and I really like her use of color and interesting gemstones.  She had a sale going on last week, so I decided to get these.  I’ve been wanting earrings with color lately, and since yellow is starting to become my signature, I chose these.  They’re cute and simple – the perfect little accent of yellow.  And, I got an awesome I *heart* Handmade bumper sticker with my earrings too!

So, I spent $15, so I have $69 left.  I’m doing really well with my budget this month, but I think that has largely to do with the fact that money is tight.  I’ve been doing very little clothing shopping.  School (work) starts back in a few weeks, so I’ll need to start thinking about some professional clothes soon.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Those earrings are the BEST color. I need your help with budgeting. HA!


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