Shopping Plan: Week 26

*Week 26 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

After last week, I had $69 left for the month of July.  I had every intention of going on a consignment shopping spree on Friday to spend the remainder of my July budget, but the cards weren’t in my favor, and I only found two items:

Navy dress: Soprano, $9
Pink printed tank: Caslan, $7

I bought both of these at local consignment store.  That navy dress fits beautifully and hits right above my knee.  I have a feeling that it will be a good canvas to create a lot of different outfit combinations.  The pink tank will work well for both casual outfits and work ones, but I’ll have to alter the arm holes slightly, as they’re just a touch too large.

After my lack of successful consigning, I went to a few neighborhood garage sales on Saturday, and found some crazy deals.

Sleeveless Shirt: Banana Republic, $1
Knit Cardigan: Kimchi and Blue, $1

Vintage Bracelets, 50 cents a piece!

Normally at garage sales, I never find clothes.  The ones I see tend to be in horrible shape, hideous designs, or nowhere near my size.  So I was stunned to find two recognizable brands in good condition.  The BR shirt will be perfect for work, and amazingly, it has no stains.  The Kimchi and Blue cardigan is cute, but I tend to have an aversion to buying knitted garments; since I’m a knitter, I’m really picky, and I prefer to make them myself.  But still, it’s a cute cardigan, and it’s giving me some ideas for a cardigan design I can knit myself.

I also got a couple of freebies this week:

Easy Street Flats, Free!

My mom told me that a friend of hers was getting rid of a bag of shoes, and she was trying to find a Goodwill to take them to.  I asked what size they were, and it turned out that they were 8s (my shoe size!).  I scored these two lovely pairs of (new) Easy Street flats in navy and gold.  Normally, I’m not into gold shoes, but when they’re free, I decided it was worth experimenting a bit.

So my total spending for the week was: $21.  So I still have $48 left from July and now I have another $125 for the beginning of August, which means I have $173 available.  Time for some serious back-to-school (work) shopping!


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2 Responses to Shopping Plan: Week 26

  1. Shybiker says:

    Nice finds, great prices. It pays to be lucky!


  2. Dottie says:

    Impressive acquisitions for the money spent! Doesn’t is always seem like you never find anything good when you have cash to spend, but find a hundred pieces to lust over when you’re broke? Or maybe that’s just me 😉


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