Antiquing makes for awesome baking

I alluded to having an awesome day in my post earlier today.  That awesomeness was because of the above items.  I went antiquing at some local antique shops and I found some awesome deals.  I’ve been wanting to get a copy of Joy of Cooking ever since I saw Julie and Julia.  Then I found this brand new copy sitting on a shelf at the shop for a mere $15!!  It looks like someone must have received it as a gift and never used it, because it’s in pristine shape.  I also got that cute mid-century organizer for my desk at work.

At the next shop, I spotted these muffin tins and snatched them up for a mere $1.50 a piece!  I’ve been wanting to try baking muffins for awhile, but I didn’t have the appropriate cookware.

Armed with my new cookbook and muffin tins, I went home, scrubbed the tins, and proceeded to bake my first ever from-scratch batch of blueberry muffins.

It’s heaven I tell you.  Nothing is more fun than cooking and baking with vintage housewares.  They have so much more character and durability than more modern cookware.



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  1. alechia says:

    These look amazing!! Well done- I have this book as well and you cannot go wrong!


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