Shopping Plan: Weeks 29 and 30

*Weeks 29 and 30 of My Great Shopping Plan of 2010, where I attempt to stay on a budget and fill out my wardrobe*

Ann Taylor LOFT capris, $18 on eBay
So, life’s been busy since I started back at work, and I missed posting last week.  These capris were the only thing I bought that week, because I was still waiting for my first paycheck.  They’re cute and comfortable, but I’m going to be altering them a bit.  I don’t like capris to have wide legs, so I’m going to taper them.
Blue raincoat: $5
Grey Sheath: $5
After finally getting paid, I went to a fantastic vintage sale at one of my favorite local shops: Sherry’s Yesterdaze. I bought a $10 ticket to go to the early bird sale, and I’m glad I did.  It was less crowded, which made me feel more comfortable shopping, and it gave me first dibs.  I found these two gems above: the funky, pale blue raincoat looks awesome with my grey and purple wellies, and it’s got a really interesting construction.  The grey sheath is absolutely amazing – I feel like I’m in Mad Men when I wear it.  And it goes to show that sometimes, it’s okay to break your own rules.  I generally never buy polyester, but I decided to make an exception with this dress  It looks so amazing on, and it was only $5.  I would prefer to find something similar made of wool or another natural fabric, but I still love it.
They also had $5 jewelry grab bags at the sale, so I got all this jewelry:
Vintage jewelry: $5
I probably won’t keep all of it, but there’s a couple items in there that I really love.
Now that I’ve gone back to work, I’ve come to the realization that I really need to come back to my original focus of filling gaps in my wardrobe.  The past few months, I’ve ignored my gaps list, and basically just bought whatever I happened to find.  Now I’m back at work and realizing that I have no slacks that fit me, and only so many blouses and dresses that are work appropriate.  It’s about time for some back to school shopping for me!

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4 Responses to Shopping Plan: Weeks 29 and 30

  1. I’m a fairly new follower who has yet to comment, but I had to tell you how jealous I am of that new raincoat. It is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. I can’t wait to see it on.


  2. GingerB says:

    Cute dress.
    Do you see yourself with a wide pink headband and a pillbox purse?

    I’m not one to seek out polyester, but I will say that it’s a good ingredient if you are loath to iron things, as I am!


  3. Shybiker says:

    I assumed, from the start of school, that your absence was due to work-obligations. We missed you last week!

    The grey sheath is nice. I’m sure it’ll look great on you.


  4. meegiemoo says:

    I love that rain jacket and gray dress. Great finds!


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