Shopping Plan update

Because of my schedule, writing weekly shopping plan posts is starting to turn into a chore rather than something that I enjoy.  Because of this, I’m going to only post about my shopping plan once a month for the remainder of 2010.  As always, I want blogging to be something that I enjoy, not something that gives me anxiety or stresses me out.  Look for the next shopping plan post on October 24.


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2 Responses to Shopping Plan update

  1. b. says:

    Hi, Diana! Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy reading your blog. (I was sitting here on the couch thinking that, and then I thought, hey, I should tell her!) Glad you are taking care of yourself and remembering to keep this fun and not a chore. I’ll enjoy reading whatever you have time to post! 🙂 b.


  2. Shybiker says:

    Good for you. Adjust according to your needs and priorities.


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