Lazy Sunday

Can everyone agree with me that lazy Sundays are pretty much the best days in the world?  The one day every week where I can get up late, feeling well rested, and do whatever I feel like for the whole day.  No deadlines, no huge responsibilities, just lazily doing the things I like to do.  I realize that every Sunday isn’t like this for everyone, but on those days when they happen, they’re just blissful.

This past Sunday it was overcast and chilly all day.  I didn’t want to go out, and I didn’t have any reason to, so I wore cozy, comfy clothes and had a fantastic day.  This isn’t really an outfit I would wear out (layering shirts like this isn’t super flattering on me, and I only wear my Ugg moccasins indoors) but it was perfect for lounging around the house.

Here’s what I did:

Snuggled up with a warm blanket and read (Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) and Travels with Charley in Search of America: )

Started a new crochet project (my own adaptation of Fluffy Bunny Slippers 🙂

Made some butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies (Yum!)

Long sleeve: Target (thrifted)
Tee: Spoon concert tee (American Apparel)
Jeans: Gap Curvy
Scarf: Target
Moccasins: Ugg Dakota


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3 Responses to Lazy Sunday

  1. Bex says:

    Sounds like a cozy day! I often wear a layered tee, too, because it is warmer than most of my other clothes. I really like the gray and red combination here!


  2. Shybiker says:

    Nothing beats a relaxing Sunday. It’s the antidote to stress from modern living.


  3. Audi says:

    Although I do love lazy Sundays, they’re now accompanied by an encroaching dread that comes with knowing I’m wasting what precious little time is left before the foul Monday morning arrives. I’m pretty sure this signifies that it’s time to find a new job.


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