2010 Year in Review: January – June

This is a first of two year in review posts, where I look back over the past year.


Back in January, I started my Great Shopping Plan of 2010 and wrote up a Wardrobe Gaps list (I’ll be reviewing that separately next week – stay tuned!)

There was a lot of crazy cold weather in January (there was, in fact, ice, but no snow).  I bought some items that I still consider essentials, like my goldenrod J Crew cardigan and the beautiful drapey magenta Fossil cardigan seen below:

The Effect Was Charming

Oh, I wish I hadn’t turned those skinnies into capris.  They were really cute as skinnies.


February brought with it more winter layering, and my birthday (yay!).  I was still working part-time at this point, and I had a lot of free time at my job.  This meant lots and lots of posting.  I took outfit pictures almost every day, and read and commented on tons of blogs.  This free time also meant that I had hardly any money, so I was constantly on a tight budget.

I wrote my Ten Tips for Shopping on eBay post this month, which continues to be one of my most popular posts.  I also made the shift to a self-hosted wordpress.org blog, which allows me so many more customization options.

I would make you a birthday cake out of bananas


March was a big and eventful month for me.  I finally got a full-time job as a school librarian, which meant more money, but less time for blogging.  I met up with Kate from a Tale of Two Closets and had an awesome time thrifting in Sarasota with her.  I wrote a post on How to Search Effectively on Etsy, which remains another popular post.

People Only Need People


April was a month of adjusting to my new job, figuring out how to make my wardrobe work in a school environment, and dealing with the rising temps as Summer loomed.

I Love Being Fancy


May was pretty eventful.  I chopped off my hair into a pixie cut, I started posting my bento box lunches, and I cut back a bit on my posting, to adjust to my new schedule.

Bouquet is Fancy for a Bunch of Flowers


June was the beginning of summer break for me.  It was hot, I was broke, but I kept on blogging.  I started adding sustainability posts around this time, including pictures of my retractable clothesline (which I’m still using!).  I also went on vacation to Siesta Key 🙂

Past the Chimney Tops Soared the Kite

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!


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3 Responses to 2010 Year in Review: January – June

  1. Shybiker says:

    You’ve had a great year. I followed your blog closely and enjoyed all of it. Having a window into your life and mind has been a real privilege for which I am extremely grateful. Thanks!


  2. qin says:

    you have achieved a lot!!! 🙂 2011 will b good for all of us.


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