#4: Coq Au Vin

*11 in 2011 is my New Year’s resolution project.  I have eleven attainable goals that I aim to meet by the end of 2011.  This post is a discussion of one of them*

Goal #4 in my 11 in 2011 project is to cook one new recipe every month.  For January, I decided to try out Coq Au Vin.  I don’t really know why this recipe caught my eye.  Maybe it’s just that I’m still interested in French cooking after Julie and Julia, or maybe it’s just that I’m sick of cooking chicken the same couple ways every single week.  Anyhow, this ended up being my first new recipe of this project, and OMG, it was awesome!

I chose to use the recipe from Joy of Cooking, which as far as I’m concerned is pretty much the most important cookbook you could possibly own.  Seriously, I use this cookbook almost once a day – it has just about everything you could ever need.  The only change I made to the recipe was omitting the bacon – I’m trying to cut back on red meat, and the dish is more than rich enough without it.

Of course, I tried to make sure that the ingredients were fresh as possible (and organic for the most part).  I bought most of the veggies from a local farmer’s market, the broth was made from scratch, the chicken was organic (I do my best to only eat organic meats and dairy).

As the name of the dish implies, the real flavor and richness comes from cooking the chicken and vegetables in red wine for half an hour.  I didn’t realize just how amazing and rich this would be!  The final product was amazingly delicious and filling.  I served it over white rice with steamed broccoli on the side (I prefer brown rice, but I have yet to convert my boyfriend).  Bon appetit!


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4 Responses to #4: Coq Au Vin

  1. Clare says:

    Mmmm….looks so yummy! I’ve never made Coq au Vin, but now I just may be inspired!


  2. Bex says:

    It looks delicious – this is a recipe I’ve been meaning to try, but I keep putting it off. Also, good luck converting your boyfriend to eating yummy brown rice!


  3. Shybiker says:

    Wow! I’ve always known of this dish but never attempted it. My cooking is effective but very simple; I never thought I could achieve something sophisticated and… French!

    Your final picture has me wanting to try. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I like the idea of 11 attainable goals for the new year! My boyfriend made coq au vin for us a few weeks ago–I’d never had it, and it was…wow. So good. It’s no small feat though, so congrats on making it successfully on your first try!


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