11 in 2011: January progress

So, how did I do with my 11 in 2011 during the month of January?

#1: Finish my teaching certificate – This one got interesting this month.  I found out that I actually have to do a lot more than I originally planned in order to get my certificate.  Apparently, I was supposed to take three Education courses during my Library Science degree, but no one at USF told me this.  Because I didn’t take those courses, I now have to go through Alternate Certification Program (ACP), which is a series of night and weekend education courses, 11 observations and an online portfolio.  Oh, and it costs $1,200.  Now you know why I’m stressed.  I’ve got enough time to get it done before my temporary certificate runs out at least, but I’m going to be crazy stressed for the next year and a half.

On a brighter note, I took and passed one of the required tests that counts towards my certificate.

#2 and #3 didn’t make any progress this month, but that’s just fine, because I still have plenty of time.

#4: Cook one new recipe every month: This one is probably my favorite goal.  I’ve already tried Coq Au Vin and Homemade Oreos.  Yum.

#5: Stop procrastinating doctor’s appointments: I saw my doctor and got on anti-biotics for my acne and skin problems, so that’s a good start.

#6: Go deeper in my practice of yoga: Not doing so good on this front.  I’ve practiced a couple times at home, but I haven’t been to any classes since December.  I need to get my butt out the door and go to my yoga studio.  It would probably help with all the stress and anxiety I’ve had lately.

#7: Knit myself a sweater: It’s in progress, although I had to undo most of what you see here because I had the wrong number of stitches.

#8 isn’t until the Spring/Summer.

#9: Take more photos more often, and make them better: My blog photos have been improving, so that’s a start.

#10: Make a new budget and stick to it: Well, I did make a budget.  The problem is that I’m really inconsistent about keeping track of it.  I need to work on this one.

#11: Hang out with In Real Life friends more often: I made some feeble attempts at this one, but it was one of those things where when I was free, my friends weren’t free and vice versa.  I still need to work on this, a lot.


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7 Responses to 11 in 2011: January progress

  1. Shybiker says:

    Monitoring your progress is admirable: it means you’re sticking to your goals. Sorry to hear about the extra-work required for your certificate.


  2. Clare says:

    Color me impressed by that sweater!! I think you’re doing a great job with your goals so far. Like Shybiker said, monitoring your progress is a huge part of sticking with things.

    Happy Friday!


  3. alechia says:

    I wish we could be hanging out! Don’t worry things are going to get better and I’ve been reading your blog but not commenting. I miss you lady pants and everything is gonna be A-OK! The teaching certificate is tricky work, it’s hard up here too but if you stick with it, the number of things you need to do get smaller and smaller. Good luck with everything friend and keep your head up!


  4. Eh, wow! You’ve made a budget, started knitting a jumper, passed one extra certificate (despite the setback), cooked two new recipes, been to the doc and improved your blog photos!!!! In January!!!!! Those are some pretty enormous achievements in just 4 weeks. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Enjoy your progress.


  5. Rebekah says:

    You’re on a roll! High five!


  6. Pat Foster says:

    Good luck with the courses you need for your teaching certificate! You’ve made such good progress on your resolutions that I’m sure you can do it.
    As to your progress – those home made oreos look so amazing that I’m sure that should count as several accomplishments.


  7. Tara says:

    Yeah, I took my 3 basic education classes at PHCC and filled out the cross-enrollment paperwork at USF to do it – then the classes weren’t integrated into my USF credits because they failed to tell me they needed yet more paperwork to do that. That’s just one of my many grievances with USF.

    I totally understand about this Florida weather. Some days I can have the A/C and the heat on in the same day.


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