Spring Breakin'

I’ve had this whole week off for Spring Break, and it’s been glorious!  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Getting my read on:  I’m a librarian, so I’m always in the middle of a book.  Since I had so much free time this week, I read more than usual.  It was awesome.
  • Spring cleaning: I’m horrible at putting off household chores.  My kitchen floor generally looks disgusting.  This week, I swept, vacuumed, and scrubbed to catch up on all those chores. (And my boyfriend cleaned the bathroom and did an amazing job!).  I’ve also taken the opportunity to declutter – cleaning out my file cabinet, getting rid of half-finished craft projects I have no desire to do anymore.  I took three bags of crap we didn’t need anymore to Goodwill – it was so freeing.

  • Awesome thrifting karma: Maybe it was getting rid of all that stuff, but I had awesome thrifting karma this week.  I was desperately needing some new clothes for yoga, since my yoga pants have seen better days.  I went to Goodwill, Revolve and Second Image with the intent of simply getting new yoga pants and tops.  I ended up with: 2 pairs of yoga pants, a pair of running shorts, a short sleeved hoodie, several new tops, and the most kick-a** pair of white glittery Doc Marten boots (seen above).  With my Revolve store credit, the total damage from all three stores: a mere $34.  Heck yes.

  • Line drying laundry: I realize that this totally doesn’t sound exciting to most people, but I love line drying my laundry.  I find it so relaxing to get out in the sunshine and hang clothes up to dry.  When I’m working, I try to hold off on laundry til the weekends, but I often have to run a load or two during the week, and there usually isn’t enough sunshine left to line dry.  I’ve had plenty of sunny warm days this week, so I’ve been catching up on laundry I’ve been neglecting.  I’ve also been washing up all those new thrifting finds.
  • Being a responsible adult: As I mentioned earlier, I cleaned out my files this week.  I also took my computer into the Apple store to have it looked at (which is part of why I haven’t been posting much lately).  If I’m really, really responsible, I’ll spend a couple hours tomorrow working on homework for my teaching certificate.  Maybe.
  • Yoga! Running! Biking!: I love exercising in the morning.  Since I have to be a work by 7:10 during the school year, that never happens normally.  This week, I’ve been able to go running before it gets ridiculously hot.  I’ve been trying out yoga classes that don’t normally work with my schedule.  I’ve hopped on my bike to run errands.  I’m hoping to work in some swimming and hiking, but we’ll have to see.  Now, if I only had a kayak….

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3 Responses to Spring Breakin'

  1. Shybiker says:

    It all sounds great! Enriching, self-nurturing activities.

    I like line-drying clothes too, for a variety of reasons.


  2. Liz says:

    I love the smell of clothes (and bedding) that have dried on the line.


  3. Rebekah says:

    That is one mightily productive spring break!

    As to those Doc Martens— that IS some freaky awesome thrifting karma. Good heavens.


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