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This outfit’s from over a week ago, but hey, who’s counting?  There are so many things about this outfit that made me smile, I’m not sure which to talk about first.  I guess we’ll start with the skirt, since it’s the oldest.  I bought this way, way back during my shopping ban (almost two years ago!) and have worn it maybe once since then (didn’t blog it though).  I always struggled with figuring out how to wear it and thought about tossing it, but I couldn’t bear to get rid of something so gorgeous.  Finally, I realized that it just needed simple black and white to be perfect.  Adding some dressy black flats (new!) and red accents, and I was all set.

That moves me onto the shoes.  I’ve been looking for a comfortable, stylish pair of black flats FOREVER.  I tried all my favorite brands, bought and returned shoes many times, but somehow could never seem to find anything.

I went shoe shopping with my boyfriend last week (not usually the best idea).  And stumbled up a pair of Merrell Brios on sale.  For once, we actually both agreed that they were cute and would be perfect for me.  Unfortunately, the store didn’t have my size, but I was able to try on a larger pair to get an idea of their sizing.  A few eBay searches later, and these babies arrived at my doorstep.  It’s LOVE people.  I’ve never had a pair of shoes this comfortable out of the box before.  Buttery soft leather, a soft back of heel thing that doesn’t dig in (don’t know the right term).  Lots of support and comfort (with room for an orthopedic insert, too).  Amazing.

Yep, this outfit definitely made me happy.  It made me feel more “me” outfit-wise than I’ve felt in a long time.

Tank: Target
Cardigan: NY & Co (thrifted)
Skirt: Mix Noveau (via Revolve)
Shoes: Merrell Brio (via eBay)
Purse: Morelle
Earrings: Wear-thou

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5 Responses to Outfit: 9-17-11

  1. Shybiker says:

    Yay! An outfit-post! And a cute outfit, too!

    I have a pair of Merrells that have been comfy and reliable for years. They make good shoes.


  2. Terri says:

    The skirt is truly wonderful…and it’s good that it’s discovered the rest of the look. I’m envious of the shoes, a brand I’ve never heard of before. I thrifted a similar pair by Mr. Patrick. Buttery soft too, and they will be perfect for teaching.


  3. Natalie says:

    Good thing you held on to the skirt, it looks great here! I assumed it was from Boden.


  4. Alechia says:

    I’m in love, LOVE with the skirt. You look fabulous as always but this really suits you. As for the Merrells- I have a pair of winter boots from them and they are AMAZING! They are an incredible brand. I love your outfit posts and I’m glad you are feeling inspired again!


  5. Clare says:

    I love this! The skirt is great, and it looks phenomenal with the cardigan. The only Merrells I’ve had were hiking boots, but I’ve been more and more interested in their less rugged styles. These flats are so cute!


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